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Access Music Virus C
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 5th, 2002
by The Pilots of Twilight
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Sound Quality
Ah yes ....lets move swiftly onto one of the best aspects of this synth. Let me begin by saying Im not interested in dance/trance music...im more interested in what electronic music will sound like in 10 years time. The Virus C is one of the very few synths which is capable of phenominal soundscapes. Most of the synths in my studio are old analogues...and their life spans are coming to an end (Well not for another 20 years!). I'm fortunate to own all of the 'classic' 80's synths.....and in my opinion the Virus C has the most convincing 'analoge' sound yet heard from a digital synth. With skillful programming (You must try to get away with from all those tacky dance/trance sounds!) you can create 99% sonically acurate clones. The difference between real analoges and 'virtual analogs' is practically indistinguishable (<- Big word man). For me it is a real pleasure to own a digital synth which deserves the acolade of 'virtual analoge'. Congratulations Access! Ok to conclude you may be asking what is this synth good at......well in my candid opinion its superb at almost everything. It has a very beautiful, rich, expressive, atmospheric sounding synth. If I were to say this synth sounds 20 years ahead of its time maybe that would help. My advice would be to steer clear (as much as you can) from the stereotypical dancy/trancy type sounds and get programming yourself. Be creative ..thats what synths are all! I love this synth...and there really is nothing else out there that can touch it for pure excellance.
Can I depend on it hehe ...thats a good one. Short answer YES
General Comments
In my opinion this is the FIRST digital synth that justifies the acolade of 'Virtual analoge' My decision is purely based on the synths sonic characteristics compared to my real analogs. Money very well spent, an absolute pleasure to play and the sounds are just AMAZING. The other 'Virtual analogs', the nords, novas, waldorfs etc etc are also VERY GOOD but, for me, they just miss the mark. Yes and if some tosser did steal this synth off me ...I'd have to think to my self ...LUCKY BASTARD!
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