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Access Music Virus b
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 20th, 2003
by digital angel-1-XZ-
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Sound Quality
i think the virus is a godsend. the sound is the reason the virus got the buy. i auditioned the microwave xt and the nord 3 as well as the virus, but i thought the virus just had more than the competition. not that im saying the nords or waldorfs are bad instruments... i still want a microwave, and i used to own the original nord lead, but the virus stood out because it had diversity. while the nord sounded 'hard' more often than not, and the microwave sounded digital, the virus could sound both hard and soft, digital and analog, fat or thin, and everywhere in between, in my humble opinion. and the FILTERS... oh my fucking god... they can scream, gargle, hiss, bubble, and anything else you can think of. some people say the virus sounds too digital or too sterile. to me, theres very little difference between the fat analog sound of this and, say, a mini. again, not bashing moog, but the virus can sound very analog, at least to my ears. Ive been able to make moog and 303 sounds that are very convincing.
all metal casing, knobs are rubber, but feel a little bit wobbly. noticed a loud pop in the output when the unit is turned on, but this is apparently normal virus behavior. the build quality is superior compared to roland, yamaha, korg, etc.
General Comments
if lost, i would just shell out the extra cash for a C model. unfortunately, we're in a digital age where most companies are focusing on soft synths and such... they just lack the excitement and magic of a hardware box. i feel that access has made one of the last great hardware synths of our time. i rate this category, and all the categories prior based on MY experience with this product. you may buy it and hate it, and the only way to judge a piece is to sit down and experiment. this box does what i expected it to do, and does it well, and i have no reservations on rating it a 10. i ahve tried a lot of synths, both analog and digital, and even though ive been doing this for only 6 years, i feel i am fairly experienced. a lot of the new stuff coming out just doesnt impress me, but i feel confident when i say that access has created a classic. if youre new into synths and want to learn subtractive synthesis, but dont want to spend the big bucks for a minimoog or prophet 5, get a virus. you wont regret it.
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