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Access Music Virus b
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 20th, 2001
by tkumpis
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Sound Quality
The Virus sounds are the best sounding I've heard from any VA synth. I am like many people out there and compared many other VA's before buying the Virus. The Virus has it's own unique sound just like any other synth. But what seperates the Virus from the rest is the way that it can be very gritty or very warm sounding at the same time. If you want distorted, gritty leads or warm, lush pads, get the Virus B. The Nord has it's own sound, but to me, it doesn't excel at pads. The Supernova excels at pads, but lacks grittyness. That's why I got the Virus B because it's a sound mix of many different synths. If you like warm pads and gritty leads, the Virus B is for you. I can't stop playing with it.
This thing is built like a tank. Very solid. I don't use it live, but if I did, it would hold up great. Every once and a while, it will freeze on me due to midi, but every synth does this.
General Comments
If my Virus B was stolen, then we would have some problems. It seems like a lot of $ to pay for a synth, but you get tons of features and one hell of a synth. I'm just now getting into programming my own patches, so it's still new to me. I had a Virus A about a year ago, and sold it because I moved. I missed it so much, I bought his big brother. I thought about buying the Nord 2 rack, but it only has 4 parts and 12 voice polyphony. Screw that! Why should you pay around $700 for only 4 parts? But the Nord would be nice for some extra sounds. I also bought a Supernova, but thing isn't very biting. If you do any electronic/trance/techno/industrial, get the Virus B, or Virus A if you are low on cash. The Virus A has only 12 voices, and no effects. The possibilities are endless. Access is truely a great company with great ideas. You won't be disapointed.
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