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Access Music Virus b
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 3rd, 2003
by nick-R6-3W
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Sound Quality
The sounds are great. Period. This is where I really started to depart from my Nord ideas. Okay, we all know presets generally suck, and demo songs are written BY dorks FOR dorks. The Virus b presets are actually pretty good: 1024, and a wide variety. In my decision phase (among other things) I d/l'ed all the mp3's (demo songs and preset compiltations) I could off of the Access and Clavia sites. The sound quality and variety of even the B outstripped the Nord 3. The Virus B can sound smooth, wide, nasty, clipped, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, pretty ugly and above all, mix-useful. The Nord had an inherent cheapness of sound and I was not a fan of its filters which I could hear in everything, naturally. The Virus can get sounds like my old Moog as well as terrific stack basses, TB sounds, pads, etc. One area where the Nord was better was with evolving pad sounds. I think this had to do with its morph feature which is pretty cool. The Nord has more in-depth FM capabilities, but to me, that was a liability; I'm not big into FM. In general the Virus B can do a lot of things and do them well. I would consider its sounds to be of the scope and quality I want, especially since it's going to be my only VA for a while.
Haven't had it long enough to comment on this. But consider: It's used, built rock-solid and the knobs are very high quality. I don't forsee problems.
General Comments
The Virus B, as I mentioned above, for $700-ish bucks is one of those things I just walk around feeling good about. The value is astounding. My dream is to have the engine of a Virus in a Nord 3 package. Just thinking about that gives me shivers, but it also makes me want to get on the horn with Access and tell them to get a move on! As an aside, the Virus B (and A and C, for that matter) have a very unispired and pedestrian look. Boring, actually. Have they ever seen a Nord? As well as being a musician I am a painter and a computer graphics designer, so nothing gets a pass from me in the looks department--if you're going to make something...make it look cool for Chrissakes! Also, I have been pretty hard on the Nord 3--I realize that. But I did huge research after my Nord deal fell through, and part of my getting all fervent now is that my "vision" of the Nord was mostly hype that I'd picked up from being in electronic music circles; I almost made a mistake by buying into that hype. If you like Nords--great. I'm just saying that in my little journey I found them to be WAY overpriced and not as sonically flexible as the Virus B. Maybe someday after the Nord 4 comes out I'll be able to pick up a used Nord 3 for about 400 bucks, which is about what it'd be worth to me for getting that interface for some eveolving pads and FM stuff. But back to the Virus B: They're all used now: Go get one, enjoy the huge value to dollar ratio--and enjoy the (crazy many) good sounds. .nick millionVALVE www.ampcast.com/millionvalve
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