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Access Music Virus b
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 7th, 2005
by steevio
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Sound Quality
i dont try to emulate other instruments, i'm strictlty into creating new sounds, and i have to say that the modulation matrix is awesome, it's why i bought this machine in the first place. the big let down is the quality of the sound. It's just so thin and weedy. I have numerous analogue synths in my studio, and i also own a Nord lead, and a Nord 3. i've been producing electronic music since the mid eighties, and it think i know good sound when i hear it, this is very weak. The Nord lead is seriously fat, but the nord 3 falls into a similar catagory to the Virus b, -features high, sound neglected. one exception is bass. i can get some awesome bass out of the virus. In the end, it comes down to the fact that i dont rate virtual analogues or software synths very highly, they are packed full of potential for creativity, but put them next to a moog, and then you can tell why people pay so much money for the real thing. there's really no comparison. i'm about to buy an Andromeda and sell my virus b for that very reason.
oh dear, i must have bought a lemon. it started to go wrong after about 3 months, the LCD display started jumping about and it became unusable. i sent it to the Synthesizer Service department in Germany, and they sent it back saying they couldnt find anything wrong with it. Sure enough, it was working fine, the journey must have joggled it back into action. 6 months later, and it packed up again, same fault, so it's been gathering dust in the corner of my studio. i'm about to send it back to be fixed again, beause i'm about to sell it.
General Comments
no i'm afraid i wouldnt buy one again if it was stolen, i'd buy an Alesis Andromeda. i've been making electronic music since 1983 ( electro ), now i make non-generic abstract music that is probably nearest to deep techno, i own lots of hardware gear, too much to list here. ok i got a bad one, but overall i'd say the virus b has too much in menus, something i think has been sorted on the newer virus machines, the sound is thin, even when layered up, but the modulation possiblities are unbelievable, so it's a bit of a mixed review i'm afraid
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