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65amps Soho
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 13th, 2008
by frankyphillips
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Sound Quality
Great clear sound. I think that's the best way to describe it. Very articulate when clean and the overdrive on both the normal side and bumped side is very smooth. I would rate it more of an 18 watt marshall overdrive although it's got a nice beef to it that I would normally use a fender to get. Overall it mikes up very well both live and in the studio. It get's that beautiful wide open sound that you've got to have. I've been using it live with a couple pedals that I want to mention as they have been working very well together. One is the Z Vex Box of Rock. These two combined nail the heavy JTM 45 sound. The other pedal I wanted to mention is the Aphek Model T Peanut Butter Drive. I've been using it to get that half open Vox chimey gain sound. Although this combination has a little more responsive low end and at about the third of the volume.
I'm assuming it will live up to what I need to. I've already put it through a little 2 month tour and it did very well. My only beef is that switching out tubes is a little hard to do and requires removing the chasis to do it right. I'm used to the open back design of Matchless and Bad cat amps and so it was a little annoying having to get out the tools to re-tube it. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and balance out their score because the amp is a damn good looking amp.
General Comments
Excellent amp. It's ability to record so well makes it an amp that you should definitely look at. I used a london in a studio 2 years ago and it turned me onto this company. Chose the Soho because of the master volume but the London 18 is another incredible choice you should look into as well. I think I might just have to break down and go with both eventually. I think I should mention that what really sold me on this amp is that although it's in the boutique eL84 category it's not overly chimey like the Matchless and Bad Cat type amps I'm used to. All great amps but, instead of overwhelming chime it's incredibly clear and articulate which I've learned translates to miking very well live and in the studio. I've spent quite a few frustrating sessions being overwhelmed by the dripping harmonics of other amps that sound great in the room but cover too much frequency space when mixed in a band situation. Just food for thought.
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