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65amps London
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 26th, 2007
by Coolhand-i8wSn
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Sound Quality
I have owned Matchless, Bad Cat, Dr. Z's, Carr. Tone King, Two Rock, Marshall and so on. This is my fave by a mile or two. Lots of great tones in the amp. The Feel is what I love as much as the tone. This amp "feels" wonderful at home or on stage. I play most every weekend Classic rock/Blues stuff. I smile every gig when I get to play! The amp is run hard all night, and it's quiet! I play both ch's...Vox ch boosted, Volume on 4, click on 5. Marshall ch is on 8. The Vox side for cleaner stuff/crunch, and the Marshall side for pure Rockin' fun! I play 2 EJ strats %75 of the time, and a new VOS '57 Junior the rest of the night. The amp loves pedals, but I only use 2 or 3. MY trusty v1 OCD, sometimes an MXR EVH phaser, and a DL3 for some reverby delay sometimes. I could just use the OCD and be VERY happy. The amp is Vintage tone all the way. With strats, it's very VERY useful at any Volume, and the sensitivity is Trainwreck like with less gain. With an R8 I had, it was pure Rock with little clean tone, but I play loud as hell. With the Jr it's got some cleans, but not in the Fender twin/super house, but loud Marshall/Vox cleans. With Strats, its unbelievably fun to play. A few tips...The Marshall side needs more Tone as you turn up the volume. I run the tone on 8 when the Volume is on 8, and I back the tone down as I back off the volume. The more tone, the more gain as well. Mixed with the cut, this channel is can do allot. This channel has the Lowmid/uppermid Marshall tone. The Vox Ch is cool as well. Just set the tone on 5-8 and volume on 8 un boosted. Great tone for edgy cleans. Pop the boost on and set the amp on 3 or more. Matchless break-up right now! More top and bottom and less Marshally mids. Fantastic break-up. Absolutely the most swirly chime tone I have every played when using my EJ's. Use fingerstyle on this channel. It's fantastic. Crank it to 6 and use the Guitars volume to get clean. This ch has a ton of harmonic gain, and can get very distorted. A bad EF86 will not work with this much volume! For 5 months I think the Vox side was my Fav, but I have found myself on the Marshall side more and more.
I have no back-up, but I do have lots of tubes. I Have NOS stuff in her, but other than the EF86, you do not "need" them. JJ's sound great. The EF86 is a pain untill you get a good one. I have one good EF86 for over 6 months but I have tried others with no luck....The Head version is prolly more forgiving than the combo. My amp is an early non serial number amp from the fist 50. Dan wants me to send it in for a few tweeks, but I have no other amp and gigs every week. I will send it in when I have a few weeks off. It's like Matchless/Two Rock build. MM iron, Great cab build. The handle is falling apart as I just use a Tuki cover and not a road case. Dan said he would give me a new one. Some of the imput jacks came loose, but my youngest (under2) has been known to work the cords if I leave them in....I had a NOS recto go bad after 4 months, but Dan said NOS is not needed for the London, and highly recomended the new EH EZ81. I love Bugle Boy and Brimar 12AX7's in the london. Esp the BB!!! ANY good sounding EF86 is worth it in my opinion. Good luck with that tube.... I run this amp loud as hell for hours on end with nothing but great tone.
General Comments
Over 20 years. I own no other amp's after this one. I would cry if this was stolen, I would but another London absolutely. This amp is loud, but too loud. I run no mic most nights and it's great. The amp had that something extra that I feel every time I fire it up. My Matchless Clubman Proto was like this as well. VERY special sounding. Very pricy amp, but if you find it works for you, it's worth it.
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