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4ms Noise Swash Distortion
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 25th, 2002
by Xojid Maelstrom
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Sound Quality
Here's where things get interesting. This thing is so much FUN! Did I mention it's fun? I think I did. I was looking for a fuzz pedal for my rig (I mainly deal with different distortions, not other effects like phasers, choruses or delays--personal preference). Now all I need to get is an overdrive. I was kind of apprehensive about getting one, even though I checked out several models by Roger Mayer. I almost picked up the Spitfire. They were all too tame for my liking. This thing isn't. Like someone further down the page said, this ain't "plug it in and get pretty sounds" (or something like that), it's "plug it in and oh-my-God my amp is going to explode." On the 3ms website they call it a "chaotic effecstument." I don't think you can get a more accurate description. Someone else already outlined (in pain-staking detail) the operations of this thing, so I'm going to be lazy and not do it. Scroll down the page. One fun thing though, I run this right after my compressor before my other distortions (MD-2, DS-1, both Boss pedals). Turn on both clip switches (I normally leave the post clip off), turn on your a distortion pedal with a lot of gain (it works well with my MD-2) and start monkeying with the "LOW POWER" knob. You can get some interesting squeals. I like this pedal a lot. Did I mention it's a lot of FUN? Neighbor piss-off factor: 10 1/2. This will keep give them an excuse to call the cops on you. Look ma, I'm wanted! It's loud.
This thing is built like a tank. I opened up the back, (I have this bad habit of liking to know how things work) and all the solderings are top-notch. The paint-job will probably flake off after a few years, but I'm not worried about that. It'll give me an excuse to wrap it in duct tape. Just kidding. And I would gig without a backup. A little TLC will make all pedals last a very long time.
General Comments
I can't overstate this pedal's value to me. If it were lost or stolen, they'd never be able to find the thief's body. I would definitely buy another one. I chose this one because it ain't daddy's fuzz pedal. It's MINE, ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You'll never understand the insanity unless you experience it for yourself.
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