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4ms Noise Swash Distortion
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 13th, 2004
by Ryan Kendall
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Sound Quality
I am using a variety of different guitars and amps with this effect. mainly fender strat elites and a yamaha rgx-tt are my main guitars. I also use a tele with hotrails in the bridge - all guitars have very "hot" sounding pickups and I think this adds to the quality of the tones out of the noise swash. Amps are various fenders, peavey and a Lab series L5 (my main amp) I also put this thing in front of my guitar port so I can get a wide variety of amp sounds and other various effects in conjunction with it, however, you can get some really great sounds just running into a clean sounding amp. the effect really does all of the work. The sound quality is great - realatively speaking. This is designed to make NOISE!!! so if your looking for a clean roland amp jazz sound,this isn't for you. Having said that, I love this thing and the sounds I can squeeze out of it! Within a couple of hours I was able to dial in everything from squaks, fizzles and rumbles to very distinct feedback, chirps, sounds of planes going by (dopple effect) This is a very suprising effect with literally endless possibilities. My unit has 10 knobs and 6 switches so the fun never ends!!! I really like the low power mod which simulates having your battery losing power. My pedal is the " bubble gum" - pictures are on 4mspedals.com I highly recommend listening to the sound samples available on their website as well as finding someone who has one and listening to it before you invest. Once you get your hands on one you won't want to leave it alone.
I just received this unit so I can't vouch for reliability, however, There is a lifetime, no questions asked guarantee to the original owner, which speaks volumes about quality in my opinion. The unit is a hand made, hand wired, hand assembled, hand painted (spray) work of elctronic noise art, So it looks a little rough around the edges but I Really like the creative and unique factor about it. All of the parts look like quality parts and should hold up fine in just about any playing situation.
General Comments
Music styles range from blues, rock, jazz, fusion, folk, experimental and some techno - electronic music. The swash is great for experimantal, industrial, fusion, metal, etc.. anything where lots of noise is invloved. Played guitar for 14 years now, own just about one of everything, I won't bore you with the details. this pedal seems to work great with any electric and any amp. Just depends on what your after tone wise. I would definitely replace this if it were lost. One of the coolest most useful, fun pedals I've ever owned! I would like to see some kind of a mounting bracket on the bottom to attach it to an effect board. ( Maybe Dann could weld them on now??!!! - inside joke) The box this is housed in opens from the top, unlike other effects where you could attach to the bottom mounting plate somehow. Musically it inspires me creatively- I really am having a lot of fun with this pedal. If your trying to play some straightforward - no frills kind of music like jazz or blues, this will probably get in the way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience with 4ms or want to hear samples from my pedal. I will gladly email samples if interested.
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