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4ms Noise Swash Distortion
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 29th, 2003
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
Sound quality is awesome. Not all settings will sound good. I tend to turn the treble almost off because it's very buzzy. When changing settings I turn the volume down. Then I ease it up when I want to hear the pedal. The pedal can be "played" independently of any instrument you're using. It's very cool. When I think of "pristine" this pedal doesn't really come to mind. This is more for people who want some chaos on their pedalboard. Therefore, I'll skew my grading a bit.
Seems very reliable. The commonsound people are cool about backing up their products.
General Comments
I love this thing. I have mine on a setting where it feeds back very easily when I play. It's sort of a cross between Hendrix and NIN. It works very well with the Duo Distortion on the Tubescreamer setting. I play a combination of psychedlic, noiserock, progressive, and alternative rock. I would definitely buy/trade for it again. I'm not a huge fan of the LFO setting. It is interesting for beats and tones but since I play guitar I leave it off most of the time. I bought this pedal because it's the most versatile distortion/fuzz out there right now. The amount of tones I'm able to generate are staggering.
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