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4ms Atoner
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 2nd, 2002
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
The sounds you get from this pedal are fantastic. The most fun sounds I get are ones like bagpipe music or something. You can get a great imitation of vinyl record-scratching, too. Very weird, noisy stuff. There is a kind of noise gate (Squelch) built in, too, which eliminates any hiss or hum. The only problem I've found is that the noise gate is a little too good, forcing me to use an overdrive pedal as a booster so that I can get some sustain. Since this is a homemade pedal, that problem is probably due to my failure to tweak it properly. The pedal is also excellent as a straightforward fuzz, too. It throws in so many harmonics that it sounds like an orchestra's playing along with you. I give this a ten because the sounds are unique and very satisfying. I use a homemade (sort of) guitar with a DiMarzio humbucker of some kind (I forget what model). I've recorded direct to my PC with this thing and it sounds real neat.
I made it myself from their kits page. I've never bought a pedal from 3ms.
General Comments
I have to pat myself on the back for choosing to build this pedal, since the design is genius. I love this thing. If it were stolen or lost, I would make another one. If I had a little money to burn, I would buy one. It's one of those pedals that help me be creative because it just adds so much. I love noise bands like the Boredoms or Lightning Bolt, and the standard punk/hardcore. This is really a souped-up fuzz pedal, so anybody who likes a fuzz would love this pedal. By the way, the other review says (or implies) that the signal is converted to digital and then back to analog. That's not true. The pedal is pure (solid-state) analog.
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