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3rd Power 3rd Power SV3015 Power Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 23rd, 2010
by starch
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Sound Quality
Made my Eleven Rack come alive! Very responsive on stage. The two units are made for each other. Was able to emulate and even surpass my Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster setup by dialing in the "Rectifier-Vintage" emulation in the Eleven Rack and running it through the SV3015 into a pair of Celestion V30s. With a Fender Twin emulation dialed into the 11R and the "push" control turned up a bit on the SV3015, you'll swear you're playing through a Twin with the Volume turned up around 4-5. It took several weeks to get all of my sounds programmed into the 11R just the way I liked using studio monitors as a reference. When my SV3015 finally arrived, it took about 30 secs to get my live sound! Just plugged my 11R into it and started playing. The patches sounded just as good through my guitar speakers, but now they "felt" right because I was finally moving some air with the help of some tubes and some volume. By the way, the SV3015 is LOUD!
Just got it, so I can't comment on reliability but it's built like a tank so I'm not worried
General Comments
The SV3015 is designed to bring modellling amps to life. You can send a direct signal from the Eleven Rack (for instance) to a sound man and simultaneously run a signal through the SV3015 to drive guitar speakers on stage. The SV3015 was the final piece of the puzzle for my new setup and I couldn't be happier. I no longer have to lug 60 lb heads on stage. With a little patience and a lot of tweaking on the modelling side, you don't have to lose that amp feel on stage. The SV3015 will provide that in abundance!
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