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  1. "The best one is the one that sounds best to your ears, in your room, on your particular source." ^^^Answer I was trying to avoid with the post, but my boy JM350 came up strong. My MXL 2003 has done me well for a few years, but if I drop that damn mic one more time, it will completely cease functioning. Honest to God, I have never seen a mic hit the ground so hard, so often. It sounds like a damn redwood crashing when it falls too, screw that. Aside from gravitational pull's affection for obliterating my mic, I'm all about the MXL 2003.
  2. and don't answer if you're going to suggest a dynamic, answer the question plz ***let's say: for vocals and acoustic guitars, don't ask for anymore specifics, i just want the first mic that comes to mind, thx.
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