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  1. I really like Dimarzios have the Injectors, Area 67,and Area Hot T. So I want go with some kind of Dimarzio. I have a guitar for about any type of music I play so i am going to let the forum choose what I do with this guitar. A heavy rock machine or a clean machine or somewhere in between. Any thoughts?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by coyote-1 View Post
    There really is only one valid strategy for this scenario. You have to acquire enough gear that, after awhile, it becomes impossible for anyone to tell if new gear has been added.

    I just picked up a new amp. It went into my basement studio with no notice whatsoever. icon_lol.gif
    This is exactly what I do and when she says when did get that I say I have had it forever. She doesn't really notice any of my gear anymore!
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