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  1. I bought a Squier Tele off eBay for cheap and I am going to do my first pickup install on it (bought it to learn some guitar repair and modding). It has a humbucker size in the bridge and a single coil size in neck. I am probable just going to hook up a Humbucker and leave the single coil dead unless someone can recommend a cheap good Tele neck pickup.


    I play Blues to hard rock mostly in the middle of those two.


    The Two I have been looking at are the Tonerider AC4 and the Stew mac Golden Age Overwound.


    Love to hear your opinions and recommendations. Thanks


  2. ~~I have a semi hollow body strat clone and it had P-90s in it now I am going to put Firebird minis in it. I already got a Duncan SM 1n for the neck and I have a Dimarzio that is within the 30 day exchange range so I am looking for a good match. They only have two Mini's Neck and Bridge but they say you can use them for either position. The DP241 is has an output of 180 and the DP240 has an output of 155(whatever that means). Which one do you think would be the better match up for the Duncan SM-1n.? Thanks

  3. I just bought a Kent Armstrong Stealth Noiseless P-90 and I am going to put it in a guitar with only one knob. I am going get a concentric knob so I can control both volume and tone and the concentric pots are 500/500 and 500/250. Which would be the best for this pickup?

  4. I have a Xavier guitar with soapbars in it pictured below. I can not handle the hum so I want to put either Dimarzio noiseless soapbars in it or more to my budget GFS Mini Humbuckers which are 10\% off right now

    My questions are one has anybody tried these especially the Fat Mini, second what pots go best with Mini's, and third should I go with cream or black rings. 

    Xavier 004.JPG

  5. I really don't care about the P90 sound anymore because I know from reading enough reviews that it can not really be achieved without the 60 cycle hum and I just can't handle that hum. Some people can, but it drives me nuts. I am just looking for a pickup I can put in these p90 slots that doesn't hum and is good for blues, blues rock, and Classic rock. I was really hoping someone had tried these GFS Mini Humbuckers.

  6. Which would you get the JMC, JVM, or the DSL? I have tried the JVM combo and JTM & JMP Heads, and my favorite was the JMV. I need a master volume. Has anyone tried the three above and can describe what the difference in sound. This will be my first Marshall and I don't know the big differences between the modern ones. I play at very low volumes because I killed my ears in my youth so these seem right up my alley. I like high gain but more in the classic rock, rock context, and I like the slight blues breakup sound a lot does one of these do that better than the other?

  7. Anybody try these! I am finding a couple pretty cheap on ebay. Really trying to decide Between the JTM and JCM combos. I finally want to get a higher end tube combo amp and I just play in a 15 by 15 room so I need the low wattage. I am open to other combo suggestions but I am not really going above 800 bucks and want low wattage. I play blues, clues rock, classic rock, and just rock. Any suggestions?

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