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  1. I am new to guitar, Just started, and when I bought my guitar I asked the guy what I could get started with so I could kind of play around with it. He suggested guitar tabs. I got the Hal Leonard one of Kiss songs. For the most part I figured it out. What I am having a problem with is some of the different notations. There is a guide in back which is semi helpful. I guess what my question is: I there a website that explains guitar tabs and possible the right placement of your fingers because I am not sure I'm doing that right. Also I am getting a dvd Fender presents the electric guitar edition I have told this is a good one for beginners. Is there any others that are good. I know nothing probable beats actually lessons but I am just doing this as a hobby and don't really want to shell out $25 for a half hour of lessons.


    I quess the big questions is whats the best way to get started. Iam already having alot of fun with it but I want to do it the right way and not pick up bad habits.


    PS: How do you put a picture under your name. I couldn't figure it out in the registration area.

  2. What are the difference in sound between the Humbuckers on the Gibson SG Standard and the Gibson Special. What kind of music would those humbuckers be good for. What bands could I listen to so I could hear the difference between the P90 and the Humbuckers (490R and 498T humbuckers)

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