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  1. I listened to a a few You Tube videos that compared GFS with Dimarzio and Duncan and you can real tell the difference. THe Duncans and Dimarzios just sounded better. So I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a Duncan Custom Custom or a Dimarzio 36th Anniversary. Those sounded the best. I was almost going to get a Duncan JB because that is the most highly rated and reveiwed humbucker on the music store websites, but in a video someone put it up against the Custom Custom in the same guitar and it sounded like Mud. The Custom Custom sounded way better to my ears.

  2. Looking for a Humbucker nothing used I already have some options for that. Someone that sells a decent humbuscker at a decent price like GFS or Tonrider, but tell me specific models that you have had good Luck with. It is going in a G&L Fallout tribute series. I Blues to Hard rock, no Metal. Thanks

  3. I took it to my repair guy. We grounded everything and put different pickups in and it turns out the Might Mites are just crazy noisy probable due to not shielding them. I will Never buy from them again.




    My Bad it was a bad pot. Sorry Mighty Mite. They sound awesome and I put in 250k pots because it was all I had and it's not too dark to me.

  4. According to my sources, red and white are soldered together, blue is HOT.... and BLACK is GROUND. You are getting hum because your pickup isn't grounded Basically the coil is active but the shielding and pickup case are connected to black. When you grounded blue and made black hot, all of the shielding became this huge antenna transmitting RFI along with your signal to the amp.






    This is a Mighty Mite Rail it has different colors



  5. I have a Squier strat and I am looking to put in a strat set. It has no pickups right now. I play blues, blues rock and classic rock. Looking at Wilde the keystones and Toneriders not sure which one. I want something that handles overdrive well. I always play with a little bit of dirt. Opinions or experiences.

  6. I sold them. I had a problem with hum in the room i play in so i was getting all noiseless strat and tele pickups for my guitars. Since then I found sweet spot in my room were single coils sound quiet so I want to experience the real sounds of single coils. I don't think these noiseless cut it. None of them seem to have any character IMHO.

  7. I put a Dimarzio Paul Gilbert set in my Squier CV 50s Strat and now I want to get back to the vintage strat tone. So I need help finding a set. I don't want to go over $100. I play blues, blues rock and classic rock. I want something to give good cleans as well as decent overdrive tones. Thanks

  8. I want to upgrade the pickups in my Epiphone Wildkat. They are really dark and muddy sounding. I know about the wiring deal and plan on rewiring it. It is mainly the micro-phonic squeal I cannot deal with so I want something with plastic covers. I know people will say just replace the metal cover with plastic, but this is easier said than done considering the neck has wacky pole spacing and the are welded to the pickup. Any suggestions preferable from someone has done it and it worked out to be an improvement. So far I have heard good things about GFS that they fit good-any truth to this?

  9. I have searched and searched and I cannot seem to find Plastic black cover that will fit my Epiphone Wildkat. I am willing to get blank ones and drill the holes, but I guess the pole spacing is not the only issue. They are different heights than normal dog ear p90s. The bridge is taller and the neck is shorter. This is all from what I have read so maybe I am wrong. Can anyone help!?

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