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  1. Anybody have any experience with these? I have checked out the You Tube videos were they compare them but still can't decide which one sounds best. I am a fan of late 60s early 70s Marshall sound, but in the videos the JMP-1 sounds so shrill out of all of them. Which one do you think sound the best? I kinda wanna buy one just to say I own a real Marshall and I play in a bedroom situation so I like the low wattage.


  2. I have a $2000 tax return and I am being irresponsible and blowing it on an amp. It could be a Head or a Combo. If it is a head I will be running through different 1x12 cabs with Vintage 30, WGS Veteran 30, and WGS Green Beret (Greenback). I play Blues, Blues Rock, Rock. I need something that will sound good at talking level- no high watt monsters. This is being use in my 18x18ft den. All kinds of different guitars will be used through it. Any opinions?

  3. Have some money to burn and I want to spend it on Guitar stuff of course! The only thing I can think that I need(well not really, but ; )is some new pedals, because we all know pedals are like potato chips you can't have just one. So I guess I need or want something from the Overdrive Spectrum and something from the Distortion Spectrum. No metal pedals. I do metal but not much and I got a couple good pedals there. So whats a good starting place? I have $300 to burn on 2 to 3 pedals.

  4. I have put pickups in this guitar that I know are dead quiet but I still get a loud hum worse than single coil hum. My guitar tech wired it up and it had the hum. I rewired again still hums. I showed the wiring to my guitar tech and he said it looks good, neater than he would do. Checked the bridge ground. These are Dimarzio Rails and they are dead quiet in my other guitars. Any suggestions? Is my guitar Haunted!?


    Clearly GFS is better than Dimarzio.


    Sorry this is all my opinion. Alot has to do with setup guitar whatnot, but to my ears it sounds better than my Dimarzio Area Hot T. I just get tired of people calling GFS crap when so many people have so many good things to say about them. I have to say my self that there was a few that I didn't like but I have had a few Gibsons, Dimarzios, Lollars, and Duncans I did not like and that sucked after the money I pumped into them especially the Lollars. I really think they have to jell with your setup.


    Was not trying to start something I was just happy it sounded so good.

  6. I'm talking about all these cheap pickups that people rave about (GFS, Dragonfire, Mighty Mite, etc.). I recently learned how to install my own pickups and wiring on my guitars, and I am so into I want to do it more. What I want to do is buy a few of these to try in a couple of my guitars. Both have Mahogany bodies and Rosewood fretboards. Both already have decent neck pickups so I'm just looking for Bridge pickups. One guitar I want a pickup for more of a blues to classic rock sound the other heavy blues to hard rock. Not really looking for a metal sound. I want to keep it under $40 because I'm buying a few. Also I know this question gets asked a lot so if there are any threads you can direct me to that would be great. Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks

  7. I listened to a a few You Tube videos that compared GFS with Dimarzio and Duncan and you can real tell the difference. THe Duncans and Dimarzios just sounded better. So I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a Duncan Custom Custom or a Dimarzio 36th Anniversary. Those sounded the best. I was almost going to get a Duncan JB because that is the most highly rated and reveiwed humbucker on the music store websites, but in a video someone put it up against the Custom Custom in the same guitar and it sounded like Mud. The Custom Custom sounded way better to my ears.

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