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  1. listen to as much stuff as you can. Pay attention to what the bassist and drummer do. Focusing on that helps you understand song structure.
  2. Originally posted by fuzztone I can't wait to get mine!Fender has a manual for this model.If any one is interested in the specs here is the link: Fender 93 Bronco Manual PDF I think you will be pleasantly surprised how nice this "practice" amp sounds. I think it would even record fairly well, though I havn't tried.
  3. My buddy has one of those. before I knew what it was it fooled me into thinking was a tube amp. Very natural sounding OD with a nice tight, round bottom end for a little SS. Impressed and well worth the money.
  4. As mentioned before, they are also stackable. I think you can add up to 3 units. So its also expandable. To me this is a big plus with the delta series. The only drawback is the need for an external pre for every channel you want to run a mic too.
  5. Originally posted by JM350 It's more fun than listening to test tones. Listening to music that you like on quality studio monitors is a very good idea, that way you can understand what things are supposed to sound like as opposed to what recordings sound like when played back on common low quality consumer speakers. Listening to well recorded music on your monitors allows you to learn your monitors. Do lots of this (at reasonable volumes) it's good for you and fun too. Very true. Its interesting to compare what you can't hear anymore, and what is boosted when taking things to a different system. When listening on monitors, there are still times I am listening to a pink floyd song, even though I have heard it a million times, and I hear a guitar part that I never noticed before. Tons of fun.
  6. I ussually run my DM3 before the amp. Sometimes amp crunch brings out nice harmonics and overtones in the delayed signal. Can be very pleasing to the ear. Sure it isn't that U2 sound, but I like it.
  7. C'mon...somebody get one and try it! You know you want to.
  8. Originally posted by Devinstation I heard blowing up a baloon INSIDE of the guitar works, never tried it though. Interesting. Anybody try it? I don't have a hollow body or I would try it, but I am still curious.
  9. {censored}e...you think the people at the club would have known better than to offer you that as power. Hope the rest of the show went well.
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