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  1. Lovely finish on that one.
  2. Fwiw, usually the screw that holds the knob on can be adjusted to change the "stiffness".
  3. I like that body shape. Sort of a les paul dc meets strat.
  4. Its been 11 years and he hasn't been around in a loooong time.
  5. https://www.bgpickups.net/product-page/s90 Guy makes great pups. I have a set of his H90s which are fantastic.
  6. Is the bottom pic your new switch? Why are the tabs mangled? It also looks like the top set of tabs is missing.
  7. Just to clarify, all the adjustment for a truss rod is accomplished by the little nut you removed. Twisting the rod itself won't give you what you want. It doesn't work that way. Do you still not get enough relief with that nut left loose?
  8. Don't twist the truss rod, you'll wreck it. The other end is typically welded to a little block. It won't turn, and isn't meant to turn.
  9. Im not familiar with that one, but if its the "metal protector" that comes up googling the name, certainly not. You need an electronics contact cleaner with a lubricant like deoxit fader lube.
  10. They strings only need to sit in the slot about half way. They look ok from the pic. Don't want to go too low or you'll have more problems. Check the nut action. Hold the strings down just in front of the second fret. The strings should just clear the first fret.
  11. That's just what Wendy would want you to say.
  12. Let me guess. You got a message from Wendy too? 😄
  13. I've never tried the super 3, but sometimes the best compliment to a pickup is one just like it. I'd first try it in the neck position to see if you like it. If you do, get another and put it in the bridge.
  14. From the little write up that Mikeo posted it sounds like the whole top comes off, though I don't see screws or anything that would obviously facilitate that. Interesting, I'd like to see pics if you start digging into it.
  15. Probably a phishing attempt. There have been a few posts recently from new users about how great their guitars were. No doubt alts of the person who sent us the pm.
  16. That finish looks like a polyester or polyurethane finish. No solvent, including naphtha, will get that stuff to reflow and close cracks. If it was nitro you'd have a prayer of fixing cracks and gaps because it reflows easily with sovent, or application of more finish. But, that doesn't look like nitro. I wouldn't worry about it anyway. It looks to be in great shape other wise. If you can't find original electronics one of these may do. https://www.guitarfetish.com/Active-Preamps_c_51.html
  17. Congrats! Fwiw, naptha won't fix cracks in the finish.
  18. No. It won't. The real sound producer of an acoustic guitar is the top. It is driven much like a speaker. For that to happen the construction of the guitar has to facilitate the top vibrating; solid top, minimal bracing etc. Hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars are usually constructed to minimize the vibration of the top because it causes feedback; laminate tops, center blocks, more bracing.
  19. Try putting a little graphite or chapstick in the nut slots. Most tuning issues from the strings binding, or from poor tuning technique (not tuning UP to pitch).
  20. Most acoustic strings have a wound 3rd string. That changes the intonation compared to a plain string.
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