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  1. 4 hours ago, ksl said:

    And what does this plug consist of,,, more wood, & would it be cut on a jig? This is all new territory, hence my apprehension,, but I just know I can do it, but I don't own all the required tools,,


    A dowel will work fine as a plug. 

    Without a drill press you should pass on this one. 

  2. Youll need to pull the bushings, plug it and redrill.  Your new hole will be part on the plug and partly in the body wood which can be tricky.  The bit may want to wander.  I wouldn't attempt it without a drill press. Do you have a drill press? Fwiw, most home drill presses dont have a large enough throat to reach bridge posts, so id check that first. Of course that depends on the body shape. 

    You sure it only needs to move back 2mm? Id maybe move it a little more than that if you need more room to adjust for intonation.  

  3. If you really want to feed the IEMs from a DI, you really need to use an amp/speaker modeler.

    Your best option IMO is to just use the mic'd cab to feed the monitors.  Youll have to be careful with your amp volume, maybe point it upwards or sideways.  If you find you have to set the amp volume so low you cant get a decent sound from the amp, ditch the amp and get a modeling rig.

    I dont like the idea of the monitors having a different tone path than the mains.  



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  4. 1 hour ago, macken_nz said:

    If I were you i'd look at who threw the 1st stone before labelling my behaviour as insulting. And telling someone to cool off is the worst sort of insult ansd says more about the person unable to articulate their point. You need to cool off I tinks :)

    From fragile man..

    "You think Guthrie Govan is mediocre poop"

    "I don't think we can move forward from here, champ."

    "responding to people about legit guitar stuff" 

    "now it's facebook here"

    I'd argue that this one is intolerant and insulting. He described my posts as not 'legit'. Then got so upset he whined about not being able to reconcile a difference in stylistic choices. Criticized me for not liking Guthrie.. really?.. that guy?.. unggh

    And the worst is how he ragged on my favourite site FB.. How dare he. He sounds like a child and I wonder how he gets through a day without losing it about something insignificant.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. I will check out boards of canada.



    Grow up.  

  5. 1 hour ago, macken_nz said:

    Hard work here it seems.. The ridiculousness of your offence here considering the redundant posts made on this forum makes you appear fragile.

    I'm so sorry I didn't embrace your mate Guthrie.. He's way too conventional despite his technical ability.. No real statement to be made and another example of why modern guitarists are poop. Maybe spend the time on amp #12 & #9 reminding yourself why you've hoarded such a silly amount of equipment your lack of talent can't endorse.

    What a joke..

    No need to be insulting.


    Go listen to aphex twin and cool off a bit.  Throw a little boards of canada in there too.

  6. 3 hours ago, u6crash said:

    I did read that somewhere after posting this. I might go as far as trying to cut a new nut for it. I have some nut files somewhere...I think.

    It really does work and it's way easier to mess with than graphite. I use it on my bigsby'd guitar sometimes.  Got that tip from Chet Atkins.

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