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  1. 5 hours ago, DaveAronow said:

    Lol. This forum still actually exists?

    If you include "still here" as me looking at what's new every couple years or so since the forum took a big dump all over itself,  then I guess I'm still here.


    Ok. Its been nice. See yall in a couple of years.

    See ya dave. It's been real.:wave:

  2. 1 hour ago, daddymack said:

    no, on the Shuttle program I managed the program that made the system that tested the wings for cracks and deformities...I was well out of the soldering side of things by '78...now, there are probably satellites still up with my solder in them, though....:wave:

    That's pretty darn cool!

  3. 10 hours ago, Rudedawg said:

    Here's an update. The misaligned claw screw hole was filled, redrilled and the claw screw was reinstalled then the trem was adjusted to floating and works much better. I also replaced the horribly stiff tuners with a set of Korean Jin-Ho thumb screw lockers and they are rock solid; they look exactly like Hip-Shot tuners, go figure. For kicks I replaced the electronics with a preloaded white pearloid pickguard w/GFS pickups from Guitar-Fetish and they sound amazing. The white pearloid pops against the JT's Daphne Blue body.

    I initially paid $97.00 usd with free shipping for this guitar in brand new condition and it still had the plastic covering on the pickguard and pickups plus stickers. The $60.00 of add-ons plus a full set up from a luthier buddy made it sound and play worlds better than when in stock form; he was really impressed with it also. It will certainly not replace my MIA and MIK strats but I really enjoy playing it thru my Fender Cyber Twin SE's.

    Fwiw, usually the screw that holds the knob on can be adjusted to change the "stiffness".

  4. 4 hours ago, Brindleleaf said:

    I just realized that 'strings floating around' sounds really bad...but it's not...makes me play LIGHTLY...which is interesting.

    They strings only need to sit in the slot about half way. They look ok from the pic. Don't want to go too low or you'll have more problems.

    Check the nut action.  Hold the strings down just in front of the second fret. The strings should just clear the first fret.

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