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  1. They say nice guys don't get laid

    Well I hate to piss on your parade

    But that's not true

    Sometimes nice guys do


    And whoever said nice guys finish last

    That's just some asshole talking trash

    But if you get there first

    You won't see my bubble burst


    But don't you underestimate my raw ambition

    If I could cut it up for bait I might go fishin'

  2. Grant- best wishes on your recovery and congrats on the 2-keyboard approach- glad it's working out so well!


    I was a 2nd keyboard player on the previous NYE ( both of us had played regularly with the band). There was some initial skepticism but it worked out great- we just had to listen to each other and use complimentary patches and not double rhythm parts. Greg Allman/Chuck Leavell was somewhat of the "template" (old-fogey and classic rock material). Lot of possibilities indeed with a 2-keyboard line-up.

  3. Hi all, been gone/lurking for awhile. I know this is an old thread but I wanted to relate my experience of using a Korg CX3 for a weekend. I preferred the B3 sound of my Nord Electro II rack so used the CX3 to control the Nord and it worked GREAT- CX3 drawbars controlled the Nord drawbar sound with no additional tweaking. So sounds like that may be the way to go for a hassle-free clone/Nord combo. But the CX3 is such a great clone most wouldn't go that route anyway- my personal preference is just my personal..preference.


    I would like someone verify this, though, as this event happened 4 years ago and I may have been hallucinating.

  4. I would heartily recommend: "Yugos In the Mist: The Life and Times of Pink Floyd Cramer". However, it hasn't been written yet. But will guarantee a personally autographed copy if you would be so gracious as to pay-pal me $20.:)

  5. I knew that this thing was a farce from the moment it was disclosed that Sgt. Crowley was not going to bring his mother along for the meeting. Didn't Professor Gates say to Crowley, "I'll talk to yo mama?" Why was his wish not honored?


    But I agree it was a lost opportunity for badly-needed humor. Dave Chappelle will have a field day with this, I predict.


    BTW, my favorite title for this (non)event: The Audacity of Hops :D

  6. So why would I join a band and have to compromise what I want to do for the good of the band? Why would I want to have to haggle for money? Why would I want to have to learn to play songs I don't like? Why would I want to play in places that I don't like?

    Most of us do those things- at least every once in awhile, but still enjoy gigs and think of our guitars/drumkits etc. as something more than tools with which to make money. There are undoubtedly more lucrative and stable ways to supplement your income, but they're not as rewarding or fun as playing in a band- that's why we play.

    Sorry, couldn't resist taking one more swing at the dead horse...

  7. It has nothing to do with how much of a guitarist/musician I think I am, it has to do with the value I place on my time. The average person/band probably can't afford my time and I don't want to insult them with some ridiculous dollar figure so I just politely decline. i.e. I CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY.

    How do you know that doing a gig would not be worth your time except for some "ridiculous dollar figure"? How can you make that decision, or decide for yourself that playing music for money is work and not fun, if you have never even done it? That's like hearing people bitch about relationships so deciding you're going to avoid all that by remaining a virgin.

    Kid Icarus' sports metaphor is a good one IMO. Get in the game, dammit! I can promise you it is alot more fun than snarking from the sidelines. YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. FWIW I have been gigging with an MM6 since April. I'm sending it back because the LED has failed to light on 2 occasions. Can't afford that {censored} on a gig.


    It has some decent sounds (although a little thin to my ears) but to use it live I max out the volume on the bank of patches I use (VERY low output) and also set the accompaniment volume to "0" to prevent accidental wonka-wonka rap rhythms being triggered in the middle of a song (that's good for a laugh- the FIRST time). Also, the banjo sucks. And be sure to anchor it somehow on your stand- the first gliss you do will send it flying across the stage.

  9. Last Date goes over anywhere, with any audience- from honky-tonks to ritzy dinner clubs. But make the bass player play it right- the end of the bridge is F F Dm G7.


    I remember reading that Michael Jackson's mother was a Floyd fan. For one of her birthday parties, he flew Mr. Cramer in so he could play Last Date for her in person.

  10. We all have our "perceived value" but shouldn't we be more concerned about our actual value? Meaning, how much does our product/service actually bring in the marketplace? For example- if your perceived value for a gig is $1,000, but a year goes by without anyone willing to actually pay that, shouldn't you re-calculate your "perceived value"?


    That's what I did. Now my perceived value is tips + a glass of cheap wine.

  11. That's funny {censored}.

    I think it's sometimes the result of people not actually counting beats. Though sometimes I've found that
    " a beat in my head will help slow me down (if I'm doing 1&2&3&4& i naturally tend to play slower, for example). Sure, after a while the groove gets internalized, but counting "out loud in your head" is good practice anyway


    sub-dividing? works like a charm:thu:

  12. I postulate- no guitar heroes anymore, anyway (except among musicians). Everybody knows what a guitar sounds like by now, and noone since EVH has innovated. Eric Clapton goofed up because he forgot to die at an early age, and everytime he stands up there on stage or TV playing the same old tired {censored} on auto-pilot he detracts from what would otherwise be his legend. If you disagree, you probably think the unplugged version of Layla doesn't even suck.

    OK that was just a rant. But I would maintain that "visible" is different than "heroic".

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