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  1. I've been playing off and on for 24 yrs or more. And I wanted a low cost alternative to a stereo setup in the studio. Yes, I am cheap but I don't consider this product cheap in any way. It delivers great tone at a affordable price. These often show up used on Ebay for great prices, my first unit I paid approximately $160.00 canadian and $170.00 canadian for the second unit, shipping included. Cheap as dirt. And, both units are fine. This is an excellent product Fender has re-released, they'll sell a bazillion of these. Plus, there are mods out there already that support this unit if you're not
  2. Overall, I really enjoy this fuzz. You can imitate most guitar legends with it. David Gilmour is an avid user of this product and I can see why. But, what frys my ass is the lack of an ac adapter input and the reversed jacks. Again this is a budget item so I shouldn't bitch, the overall usefulness of the product is stellar and a blast to use. And, the price is as cheap as dirt. I wish I would've bought one sooner.
  3. It's a shame that this product has been discontinued. I guess plenty of fuzz face fans got burned by Dunlop in the past and didn't take the plunge on this. It's too bad because the JH-2S is of exceptional build and quality, and also works as it should. If were lost or stolen, I would have to hunt down another fine (soon to be scarce) product. Thank you, Dunlop.
  4. I have been playing on and off for over 20 years, and I know what my ears like. And, my ears tell me that this is one sweet guitar amp, what makes it sweeter is what I paid for it. This amp usually retails around $800.00 Canadian. The only other guitar amp I have is a little 15 watt practice amp, and this thing blows it out of the water. It's like going from a Edsel to a Space Shuttle in one step. I'm overjoyed actually. Now that I've actually have a decent amp I've been practicing more. This amp makes want to play more and more often, I can't believe what I was missing. I love it.
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