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    yamaha S90xs

    If it were lost or stolen...I may get the S70xs to replace it instead, but it's the exact same board otherwise. It's worth what I paid and more-so. I was hemming and hawing about getting this or the Kurzweil PC3x and this won out and I don't regret my decision at all. My ratings I give are only how I feel...everyone else is different though so please take my review here with a grain of salt. What matters is how YOU like it. What I find fantastic may not be your cup-of-tea and vice-versa. Nothing is perfect though and I would have given this higher marks if it weren't for the harmonic on those keys in the S6 piano samples as I stated above. This of course didn't stop me from keeping this board and it's my main keyboard. As I said, I would buy it again in a heart-beat.
  2. http://www.moogmusic.com/taurus/ Not cheap...and good luck getting one for now. Don't let the "bass" scare you away either as it has MIDI. Though it may be overkill for you....but keyboardist are really into overkill.
  3. I've installed them on several guitars with no problems at all. If I had had any problems with the first set I got, I wouldn't have used them on others. I won't hesitate to recommend these to others.
  4. Hey man, rock stars gotta eat too you know! Don't be dissing their endorsement gig....which usually just entails holding up the product for picture and then getting a check.
  5. Ok.So what about on the other end of the spectrum??..What guitarist,musician. When they say they play such and such guitar,strings,amps,etc..Because there the best. .Which musician word would you trust. ??
  6. AAAAAAAnd coming down the last stretch LP and Strat are neck and neck with the Tele trailing behind and Drums bringing up the rear....going to be an exciting finish no doubt... Understand that this poll is only for entertainment purposes only and please remember, no wagering.
  7. If you want the 70's big headstock, I would just get a Highway 1. I had a MIJ 70's reissue though....that guitar sounded real nice-like. Or get a DiPinto Galaxie 4. Headstock could be used as a weapon also.
  8. Most of the modern RIs are better-made instruments than most of the originals.
  9. someone needs to make a strat/tele hybrid Reverend has it's take on it...kind of...:
  10. Between these three dinosaurs? Les Paul. Yeah, would rather have that gnarly, rad, cool, groovy axe your slingin' in your avatar! You're right, those are dinosaurs...I'd rather play something you young hipsters play because I'm sure it sounds totally different and so SO cool!.
  11. I got a MiM Strat...it's wonderful as far as I'm concerned. Though I mainly bought it for a mod foundation. So I changed a few things from the stock. Planet Waves locking tuners, put on a bone nut, blocked the trem, totally replaced the pick-ups and all the electronics with a pre-assembled pickguard...wasn't totally expensive but all told I got a guitar that blows away a stock American Strat (for me at least) for about $650 bucks. Sure, wouldn't get that in a resale, but I don't resell my gear.
  12. Not sure...new D-28 goes for like $2200, but with a kind of "vintage" one, who knows. You should look up the serial number to see exactly what year it was made for one. Because if it was 1970, then next year it will be a 40 year old guitar as oppose to a 31 year old guitar. Not sure, but it may effect the price, but again, who knows. You may want to post this over at the Acoustic Guitar forum also.
  13. Leave them open or put the screws back in because if you re-sell it, someone may want to put the guard back on the way it SHOULD be. Honestly, LP's without guards are just...icky.
  14. While I don't like Rolling Stone magazine nor "lists" of any kind, I did find it funny they put EVH at #75 or something of the greatest guitarists of all time. Just thought that was cute.
  15. Great guitarist...just has a huge ego that I don't care for. I prefer my heroes to be humble. But hey, some people like him for his huge ego. Just wish he had done more in his career. In my opinion, he came out of the gate running with the first two albums...then just stagnated. Then turned Adult Contemporary. I mean, my mom was singing a Van Hagar song in her 70's because it was being played on her old-folks radio station. I'm totally serious. Not that there's really anything wrong with that I guess....just was weird to see.
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