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  1. i play blues, rock and throw in the odd jazz style and metal bit here and there. tihs gear suits me quite well. if the axe-fx was cheaper i might have gone that route but this is serving me quite well and i think has ended my GAS. i've been playing for about 20 years and own various tube amps so i can speak to the digital and tube side of playing guitar and feel this is really a compelling option if you can get the StompIO for less than it sells at the big box stores. i do not think it worth the full retail price that is currently being asked but if you can get a deal, it's worth buying. the StompIO needs to have it's own dedicated CPU/HD on board and it needs to have a slightly different layout to be perfect. i think it should have banks of 8 or 10 patches (instead of 4 patches/bank)and it should have the ability to store within each patch whether it is in Stomp-mode or one of the other modes. that way, you could have one patch that you can switch certain effects on and off within that patch, not altering the basic amp sound underneath and in the next patch you could be switching back and forth between two or more patches for radically altered sounds.
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