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  1. I took some pics, but they did not capture the gold well, so I got a better phone camera app and will retry. Also, got the axe strung up with D'addario NYXL 10s. It plays a lot better, sounds better and I highly recommend these strings. It also got a truss rod adjustment, and some extra tension put on the floating bridge. As for the pickups. The output was low, so I had the pickup height reset. The poles come out pretty high, so if you get one of these things, it can be worth paying for a pro setup job in all honesty. If I was to upgrade anything it would be the tuners. They are pretty cheap looking and tend to slip. Anyone do that on theirs? I'd keep with the gold color scheme of course.
  2. Hi all. Tracked down the last 60th Anniversary gold Squier strat at my local GC last week and wow I was blown away. The price was $319, and I simply did not expect it to play with such great action and have such a fantastic tone. The neck pickup position with the tone rolled off a hair provides an incredible authentic strat tone for blues, and it records like a dream. I am pretty sure it came strung with 9s which are a little too thin for my hands (I play bass mostly, but have played guitar for over 20 years) so I think 10s will take it to another level. Im thinking GHS nickels may be just the ticket. My style on guitar is blues/Jazz/Funk type fusion and my ideal tone is clean into a fender amp with some reverb on it. Honestly stunned that a guitar at this price point can play this well (action is perfect, fret job is perfect) and sound this good AND record this well. My perspective comes from selling an American Corona Telecaster which was pretty nice but I much prefer the Squier. Raves adise, I do notice a thing I need to have adjusted - The B and high E do not have the output of the D and G string. Seems like a pickup adjustment is needed. I think ill have that fixed when I get it setup with 10s. Anyone have the low output issue?
  3. I make riffs from scales more then chords. And once I am playing w/in the framework of the scale I add in extra notes. I notice lately, when I write metal riffs that I constantly break the "rules" of the scale by adding outside notes. As long as it sounds good to me, I don't really think much beyond that.
  4. i haven't tried either but i do know for sure that i could never ever use something with tremonti's name on it. i'd be really embarrassed. having said that, it may well be a good wah. If you met him, you would change your tune. He is one of the nicest guys you could meet and he can play way more then Creed sounding {censored}.
  5. Thanks guys..I think the Metal Planet going into the Fender tubes may be a nice little combo.
  6. I know this about impossible to repliacte, but bear with me. I have a Fender amp, and it is not going to break up how I want it for metal obviously...I also know that I will need to buy a 5150 to get that exact sound. That being said, I am working with a TS9 into a big muff right now...this is a great sound..there is no doubt, but it works for a less tighter sound with more beef. I would love to throw a pedal after the ts9 that can get me that nice dry, but heavy sound you get from the 5150. Something that sounds great for hardcore, thrash and death metal rhtym playing. So, I have the OD pedal, the Fuzz pedal..it is time to find a really good distortion pedal. I firmly believe in getting your gain from the head..that is the best way to go...but what is out there in pedal land that comes close to this tight, mid focused metal sound I want?
  7. im about to do this myself..how do you realign the tracks so there is no phasing? this is my main issue. Im going through my pedalboard and a blues jr.
  8. "Meanwhile, many (myself, fer instance) see incredible musicianship, but pretty meh actual compositions." Well this pretty much sums up DM as a whole. So I don't see the big deal.
  9. Why is Necrophagist overrated? Underrated to me is Atheist from back in the day.
  10. Some companies won't give you free stuff regardless. I was endorsed by a company that had a 50% artist discount. PRS will charge you too, but their loaner program is awesome, you can play a PRS for a 3month tour and then send it back and get another one next time you go out if you wanted. Taylor would give you a guitar and charge you like 20 bucks a month or something ridiculously cheap with no interest. Ibanez will give you everything for free, but you have to play Ibanez only. So I passed on that. The company that gave me 50% off did not make any of their artists play their stuff exclusively and wouldnt even give their most famous artists free {censored}. Ernie Ball is nice for strings..not free either, but super cheap.
  11. does it aid in getting a nice shimmer to your clean parts? and does it help them sit better when recording? my tone is pretty fat, but I want it more focused and when I mix, I want to be able to high pass that baby and have a nice shimmery tone sitting in there. also, where do you put it in line in your pedal board?
  12. The search thing doesnt work..so i have a few questions about the ol dynacomp. I am looking to get a nice clean tone out of my blues jr/tele combo. I hear guys with this combo that get a real thin, but focused sound that is very pleasing, and sits really well in a mix. Is this what a dyancomp can aid in doing? Also, where does the dyna sit best in a pedal chain? early on before anything else? or last after delays?
  13. My gear so far : Tele Boss Tu2 Big Muff Crybaby I want to buy a Valve Jr. and possibly a 4x12. What reverb unit could I get that would work in this setup? thats the only pain in the A that im seeing..there is no reverb on this amp. Now for live, Im wondering how much that will matter, because I can reverb it with an impulse when I track. I track into guitar rig 2 now with the Fender twin verb set to around 3-4 max. To give you a better idea of my sound, the other pedals i will get: Memoryman an analog delay TS9 Music is indie rock in the vein of M83 or something like that.
  14. Best thing that got me real tight with triplets and speed picking was counting. I counted exactly each note and it helped me get the timing down. Once you do, it is really fun. Loose wrist, relaxed motion. I don't use my forearm at all, I just use my wrist for fast thrash riffs.
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