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  1. My wife has a Boss VE-500 unit she bought and we've been attempting to incorporate into our act. These types of things tend to work better for me when I create separate patches for each song although I also create some generic pitch correct focused patches as well for common keys like G, C, E, Dm, etc.. That works best for me as I'm using a computer for backing tracks and it's no biggie to run a midi cable to the unit from my interface. Your situation is probably different.
  2. Things have loosened up significantly here. We went out to dinner last night and then to a place to watch a duo performing outdoors. Not a huge crowd but a reasonable turnout, we'll be back on the schedule to play there again soon. We're booked to play next weekend outdoors at a different place. As protests, rioting and looting compete to take over the headlines, C19 will begin to slip from folks minds.
  3. I have not been tested to date although it's not because I wouldn't want to be. "you could be an asymptomatic carrier, spreading joy and potential death where ever you go". Believe me, I've had that guilt trip/shame attempt/argument hurled at me many times these last few months. 1. I've been considered an "essential" employee since the get go so I do what I need to do. 2. I do not put the people I'm in contact with at any more risk than they do me, if that feeling is not mutual you are not required to get near me. My parents are dead, no need for me to worry about them. At the end of the day who is responsible for your own personal safety if not you?? You wrote about the precautions you intend to continue taking and I'm glad to know you're trying to stay healthy. I, of course, have no idea what your risk level is but wasn't my statement a precautionary one?? I'll expand on it a little. There's little doubt that my immune system is in top form or as close as possible. Doing that was a conscience choice on my part to benefit myself, I would have recommended other healthy people to do the same while society made a more concentrated effort to protect those at greater risk. No one would have listened to me then just as no one will listen to me now. I haven't had anything resembling a cold or flu since the first week of January. At the other extreme, those who've isolated will certainly be at greater risk but not just from C19, perhaps to other more common viruses and bacteria as well. I've mentioned repeatedly that everyone needs to operate within their own comfort level, come to terms with things and re-enter society as best suits you unless you intend to remain hidden away for the remainder of your life. Let's be real here.
  4. It might be worth pointing out that through circumstance and choice, I've interacted with people and society to the greatest extent possible all this time. Others who've been more isolated are probably best to proceed with a bit more caution.
  5. So it looks like the party was on over the weekend all over the place. For my part as an Alpha Tester (beta does not live up to my standards) we rode over to Poopy's in Savanna, Ill. where all the bars were open, bikes lined the streets, booze flowed, bands rocked and there were no sightings of law enforcement.
  6. I'm rather frustrated by it all I suppose because I feel like I came to terms with it months ago and now it's like I'm just waiting for the country to catch up and learn to deal. I realize that may not be a popular thought process for many but I can't lie to myself or others.
  7. I did make a point of mentioning that others are not particularly encouraged to follow my example. It's also not possible for others to instill feelings I just don't have into me. I could go on with the reasons but I would mostly be repeating things I've already written. Take the extreme example of a serial killer who stands stolid in the courtroom while the victims family members are allowed to express their anger and hurt towards him. I suspect a lot of the frustration they feel stems from the fact that they'll never be able to reach him on an emotional level. I feel what might be a similar vibe coming from many people out there these days and the wedge it drives between people makes me sad. I do live in a less dense population but we do not exist within a bubble here. My wife and I actually believe we may have had what's now known as covid-19 back when we traveled to the east coast for a few days at new years. It's the last time either of us has had any type of illness. In late February we traveled to Cancun Mexico for a week. I'm sure 1000's of others traveled to and from this area before things really began to shut down in mid-March. Back when I was in regular band rotation it was not uncommon for me to get bronchitis at least twice a season. I'm not a big follower of media outlets and usually read the stories with skepicism and a questioning manner. I'll bet that for every doctor you can find that would tell you to wear a mask, I can find one that would tell you it's not much use or that it might even be unhealthy for you. This may not make sense to some but I often get a better takeaway from the headlines and stories I don't see. Right now Wisconsin is a great example where I'm awaiting to see more about what's happening there. EDIT: I got carried away a little and, trying to get back on topic, wanted to mention that the May 22nd gig is canceled. We do have the June and July gigs still on though as they were both booked post apocalypse and both are in smaller towns outside our county.
  8. Next time for sure!
  9. From a commerce perspective the shutdown, as it were, was not extended except for bars and casinos and albeit with some various restrictions (social distancing, half capacity, etc.). The report I saw yesterday, one that goes out to U of I Hospital & Clinic employees, was that the number of inpatient C-19 cases was down to 22. The peak never reached 50 I'm told and the total number of cases to date still stood at 161. This is the largest employer in the state and a major trauma center for a state of over 3 million people so even if I used the overly conservative estimate of serving an area of 500,000 people the numbers just don't add up to the over reaction I've witnessed. That, of course, is my opinion to which I'm entitled based upon the numbers and perhaps explains why I've never felt any great concern. Note that I don't set out to serve as a role model and, in fact, have likely often been considered a bad example. Everyone must operate within the confines of their own comfort zone.
  10. We dropped by the old neighborhood while on vacation back '06, yes, it's changed!
  11. We lived on the south end of Lloyd Ave, I walked daily to Saticoy grade school not far away. I actually just reconnected with an old classmate who posted some photos on the Saticoy FB page. I'm still in contact with a next door neighbor from back then but otherwise it's a pretty distant memory at this point.
  12. I was born in AZ and spent early childhood in North Hollywood before getting shipped off to the midwest, I was single digits in the Valley while you were at Woodstock. My main interests will continue to be bikers and musicians no matter where I'm at! My wife thinks we can get booked at places in Vegas and I'm confident she has the tenacity to get it done.
  13. We're supposed to find out today if the governor has any plan to extend restrictions. There was never a "shelter in place" order here. It started as a two week shut down in mid March ostensibly to "flatten the curve" and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. It then got extended through April. May 1st it was extended to certain counties that were identified as "hot spots", mine being one. Today we should know if that continues. At the U of I Hospitals and Clinics yesterday they had 24 C-19 inpatients with total to date being 161.
  14. We went there from IA on vacation and to check out real estate in the area. The whole state is beautiful but Labor Day weekend 2019 we flew into Vegas, rented a car and drove to the St George area, we're more interested in settling there now.
  15. We went to dinner at a place in a town about 30 miles away and my wife booked us a gig there for July. Ironically it was a place we were booked at last year but had to cancel because I was in the hospital with a urinary tract infection. So now we have a gig in July, one in June and still have one for May 22nd if places open up. We're both very busy with other things so once a month is typically good for us, don't like more than twice.
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