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  1. I like this delay pedal. It's easy to use. I get very good delays from it. The price is right on too. Had the latest version of the Tech 21 and an Eventide Timefactor. The Eventide gave superb delays, but as my playing evolved I found it had way more features for my needs and it took up more real estate on my board so I sold it. It was endless tweaking. The Tech 21 was impressive although slightly pricier then the TC. However, I didn't care for the layout of the controls and the ease of getting full oscillation. For this reason I am keeping the TC and unloaded the Tech 21.
  2. I have spent enough time with the amp to remain thoroughly impressed with it. It has wonderful tone. It can do everything that my other amps with many features can do. I love the fact that it is so simple and basic an amp yet it pumps out the tone. IMO it goes to show all the marketing that is does for convince folks that they need amps with more features and power. This is a wonderful plug and play amp. It is easy to move and carry around, too. It takes well to pedals. About my only gripe as mentioned is that single knob serves as the on-off switch so you're not getting a full sweep volume control. However, the marks are only a reference for the volume level. Still I'd like to have a separate power switch so the volume knob has the full range sweep.
  3. Overall a great pedal. Sounds good and great build. Some people in the chase for tone have these pedals for sale on Ebay if you are looking for a deal over paying retail.
  4. I have been playing for a few years now. Mainly rock and classic rock. I pretty much have all the equipment I want/need for the long term now. I am not one who continually buys and swaps guitar equipment so I am alittle disappoint to find this pedal so similiar to the Barber that I already own. Now there is no reason for me to keep both. I do recommend this pedal as it give a good range of very decent OD tones. In fact, I'd recommend either one. However, it's your choice whether it's worth paying $50 more for this Tonebone pedal.
  5. Overall the unit offers a full set of features for looping, recording, and modeling features that Line 6 is known for. I did compare it with the Digitech Jamman on paper although never actually tried out the Jamman. What appealed to me about this unit was the variety of preloaded songs and drum beats (machine) I was after. This unit is great for practice and is fun to use. While the looper portion offers pitch and tempo adjustments, the manual does warns you that using these features will alter your guitar tone. Therefore if you need/want such a feature, then this unit is likely not be the best choice. If basic looping, song loading, and recording, and Line 6's modeling effects appeal to you then this is a suitable unit ala Line 6 preamp functions. It does make for a handy 'all in one' portable unit. Since I've determined that this unit does color my guitar tone I did not place it in my existing pedal chain, but have set it up in parallel via a bypass. One major inconvenience that I find with the unit is a lack of a power on/off switch since it needs power to pass a signal. This should not have been difficult or costly for Line 6 to design in the unit and is a real oversight on their part IMO. It is a real pain having to plug and unplug the AC adapter whenever I use it. While this unit does have its idiosyncrasies, it's not bad and suits my needs. I can live with it. I like having a a single unit that combines song playback and guitar through my amp. However, as far as if it were stolen, it's not that I can't live without it so there would be no rush on my part to replace it.
  6. Overall I am very pleased with this pedal. I like the fact that it is a clean and simple design. It's footprint is also a convenient size. I primarily wanted a nice spring reverb tone to use with my non-reverb amp. I considered a number of reverb pedals. Most of the feature packed reverb pedals with various reverb types, decay, mix, and level controls did not impress me. Only one of those appealed to me, but then there was no availability of that pedal. I wasn't interested in waiting 8+ weeks for that one. I want to spend my time playing my guitar and enjoying good tone then spending all my time having to adjust and re-adjust a pedal. The great thing about this pedal is you set it once and then leave it... like having a single reverb knob on the amp. It does one thing and it does it impressively well. If there is one minor gripe I have regarding the pedal it would be with the location of the power outlet which is on the left side very close to the main output jack. The connectors get in the way of each other. It would be nicer to have the power outlet on the top front edge of the pedal like it is on other pedals. Other than that, this pedal is a keeper. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice spring reverb pedal.
  7. Using this microphone to record electric guitar works very well in deed. The sound using this microphone is more balance, articulate, well defined and even sounding in contrast to SM57. Good for jazz, and clean sound tones. For loud distorted tones, the SM57 will still suffice. The SM57 is definitely more boomy in the lower register. It is also less clear or well defined. I considered an AT650, but already have an AT mic and wanted to try a mic from another company. I got a good deal on this mic that included a cable and one of those Audix cab grabbers.
  8. I've been playing guitar for a few years now. I've owned and played a Taylor and current own a Breedlove guitar. First impressions are important to me. I was impressed and pleased with this guitar the very first time I looked at it and played it. I was alittle skeptical reading about the micata neck. However, quickly dispelled my apprehension regarding the neck. I like it alot for its looks, durablility and playability. I bought this guitar used and feel got for a really decent price. It's worth even penny I paid for it. I even think its retail price point is decent if one wants to buy new. I would recommend that one gives this guitar consideration if you're after a traditional nicely made dreadnaught acoustic.
  9. I took a risk and ordered this amplifier based on a sound clip and some other people's reviews. I was after a Marshall like plexi amp. The power scaling feature really appealed to me. I didn't want a present day Marshall amp nor a vintage one. I had a current day Marshall amp that died within a year. This was no surprise to me when I opened it up and got a look at the cheapo components. I really like this amp. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a plexi-style amplifier. I doubt my impression of it will fade. I typically know from the get going whether or not I am happy with a new piece of equipment or not. This amp has not cast a single shadow of doubt in my mind as some stuff I've gotten in the past has. This amplifier is a keeper.
  10. This microphone is impressive especially for the price. Nice storage box, shock mount and wind shield. The microphone appears to be made well although the two slide switches for setting the pattern and roll off feel a bit flimsy. I was able to A-B this microphone against a recently purchased AT4040 playing acoustic guitar. The mics were plugged into a mixer with similiar settings then to a digital recorder. The AT4040 is a very nice microphone in its own right. Very smooth sounding. Definitely more sensitive at picking up even the smallest noises then the MXL. I found the MXL microphone to have a brighter yet articulate and clear sound. I liked the MXL for acoustic guitar over the AT4040 as the AT4040 was too sensitive picking up the sound of my fingers fretting the strings. I do like both microphones and think they are both well suited for a various recordings needs. I would recommend the MXL to a person looking for a good condenser microphone that can be had at a very attractive price. .
  11. Overall I really like this guitar. It's a great feeling when you're drawn to play the guitar then having it collect dust. Easy to want to play and ignore everything else. Great tone. If there isn't enough natural projection, you can always plug it in and use an amp. The electronics work really well. The guitar sounds excellent when amplified. If lost or stolen I'd definitely consider another Breedlove acoustic. As mentioned I tried a number of guitars before selecting this one. I was primarily focused on finding a smaller body guitar with electronics. I was most disappointed with two Yamahas I played especially after having read some glowing reviews, but this is why you need to demo play an acoustic before you buy. The Martin was appealing to me, but the particular one I played I thought it sounded less balanced with its characteristic boomy bass. I thought this guitar played nicer, too. As already mentioned I had a Taylor that I never really bonded with it. While Taylor guitars appeal my senses, I do believe that the one I had didn't work for me because it was a blind, unplayed purchase. I didn't hand pick it. Oh well, live and learn and play on. I liked the Martin I played. I had a Taylor which I loved, but never truly bonded with. Perhaps I will look a Taylor again if I am ever after another acoustic guitar.
  12. This is an impressive sounding and well made pedal. IMO, the price point is also decent. I like the boost feature found on this pedal that is missing on other OD ones. I also like the range of tone you can get using the presence knob. True-bypass is an important feature as well as being able to power this pedal using a Boss style adapter. In a nutshell I'd recommend this pedal to anyone looking for plexi-like or a decent OD style pedal that easily rivals other OD pedals.
  13. I really like this pedal. I am not one who continually recycles my equipment. I always try to pick stuff that I plan on keeping and enjoying. This pedal is a keeper on my board. It provides a different kind of fuzz tone not obtainable from an OD pedal. The only one gripe I have about the pedal is that the instruction sheet saids that the pedal should be powered by battery or a separate power adapter and cannot be powered by a power brick due to the grounding design of the pedal. Other than this, I would recommend this pedal to anyone who is looking for a great sounding, well built fuzz pedal.
  14. I thought long and hard before buying this guitar. I considered quite a few guitars in its general price range before deciding on this one. I am thoroughly happy and impressed with this one. This is one awesome guitar. The fit and finish is very good. Its price makes it a steal that can't be beat. Well made and solid feeling. Sounds great and is easy to play. I buy a guitar with the intent of keeping it for awhile. This is a keeper. I would definitely recommend this particular model or suggest you consider ESP if you are searching for a reasonably priced, well made guitar.
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