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  1. Do you agree with democracy? Yes? Or do you only want your opinion to be heard and not that of others? The whole point of the bill of rights and the constitution is that *some* things are not subject to majority vote. The founding fathers understood that some constraints must be imposed on democracy to limit the absolute tyranny of the majority. Of course, you can always amend the constitution if you can get enough support for your ideas but that's very hard to do for good reasons. In the meantime the Republicans cynically lead the ignorant South around by the nose with these phony wedge issues while bleeding the middle and lower class dry financially. It's almost funny. I expect better birth control technology will eventually make this issue moot though.
  2. You guys just don't get it, it's really simple. But I guess it's easier to call me names than to consider something so logical but so against your agenda. If I believed very strongly that women should be forced to cover their faces in public, should I be allowed to make it a law in the U.S.?
  3. You leftist goons are like bricks. Obama has several books he has "authored" - although how much of each book he actually wrote is up for debate; and there are hours and hours of audio, and pages and pages of transcripts, of the things Obama has said. Obama has laid out the framework for destorying the country as we know it. You are a profoundly silly person.
  4. Oh yes, can any of you Obama supporters interpret for me what the messiah means by "Civilian National Security Force"? Let's apply Occam's Razor here and take an intelligent guess: http://volokh.com/posts/1216451854.shtml This has prompted some in the blogosphere to raise the specter of a huge new domestic paramilitary organization. Others suggest that he may have been talking about our
  5. By the way, what are your thoughts on Israel and it feeling the need to defend itself on all its borders? I tend to think that founding Israel was a mistake in the first place but that's another thread. Why is it that for you wingnuts it's always 1939? Where is Obama's Mein Kampf?
  6. It doesn't matter what you think of McCain, a vote against Obama is a vote against New Nazism. I mean, if you ever wondered how an "intelligent, sophisticated" electorate could allow someone like Hitler to ascend to power, wonder no more because you are witnessing it right here during election '08. Wow. I thought all the people like you were hunkered down in Idaho waiting for the big one and refusing to use the internet. Nazism actually means something. Maybe you could show a little respect for the millions it killed by trying a little harder not to trivialize it so spectacularly?
  7. Wow. So many HC posters I get to add to my right wing nutjob list.
  8. I'm much more interested in the weirder sound design effects like what I hear of the Eventides than I am in high quality stock effects like reverb. I think I'd just grab an Eventide tomorrow if cash weren't the issue but those things are definitely an investment. Seems like there are some good deals out there on the top-flight units of yesteryear though.
  9. Seems like the MPX-1 goes for under $500 used. Is it worth it?
  10. How programmable/playable are these higher end multi effects boxes like the Fireworx, Eclipse and DP/Pro? Can you control them with midi ccs? Is there enough menu digging on a tiny screen that lazy people like me would just use presets?
  11. I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm working on getting a live set together and any gear I assimilate has to be stage worthy. I think I'd be a little reluctant to take something this high end into a club full of beer spilling drunks but I guess that goes for the Elektron stuff too.
  12. Thanks. I just talked myself out of needing one. Now I want one again. If it had two stereo inputs I'd have one already.
  13. Probably not, but I do have an Echo Audiofire 12 I'm planning on selling.
  14. Mint condition. Includes manual and shipping costs within the U.S.
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