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  1. This one a real sleeper and a total surprise at how amazing good it sounds!
  2. I really can't imagine how this amp could be any better. The combination of features, reliability, sound and having Bruce support them personally is like a dream come true!!
  3. This is a great piece of equipment. Using two amps at the same time is the key to unlocking a number of great sounds especially from artists such as Hendrix and SRV. I have used it a many times live and in the studio to combine the best qualities of two amps into one bigger sound. A very interesting effect is to mix a dirtier amp with a cleaner amp sound, when you play louder the cleaner amp has more headroom and it takes precendence, when playing softer the dirtier amp is more forward, makes for great touch responsiveness. When you do this in stereo your dynamics also have a panning effect. Listen to SRV, you can hear this in his recordings.... The boost function works great and it is like having a bonus booster pedal in the same package. It is pretty expensive, but well worth it. The power supply is higher voltage than a typical 9 volt and allows it to have greater headroom, you can hear that difference
  4. Haven't used it out live yet but I see turning it one when I want a fatter/fuzzier tone with a more classic vibe. I would turn to the Voodoo Boost for a tigher modern sound and Voodoo 1 for update on the classic vibe
  5. Pro quality, easy to use and sounds great. Most tones are on the fat side so use this if you are looking to add fatness, not cut through with mids or highs. Use it on guitar, haven't tried it on bass, I expect it to sound great because of the EQ curve it has
  6. steveg

    Zinky 212 Cabinet

    Great big sound for a 2x12, rugged and excellent support
  7. I only used it this once for about two hours but I was so impressed so quickly I wanted to post this review and let others know what a great sound this pedal has. Keep in mind, it is designed specifically to drive your amp and it is not a standard fuzz or overdrive. However, having said that, when you drive the amp with it, to me, it is a better sound than the same old fuzz/overdrive pedals by far. I was especially affected by the touch responsive of it. It seems ideal for taking my cleanish sound with a bit of natural tube breakup and pushing it into fat, harmonic lead territory with a volume boost at ths same time- since the amp is clean enough to have headroom it is actaully made louder up by the pedal. I right away like how it took my guitar sound for rythm which was just clean enough and just dirty enough into a pumped up, fat, lead tone. The sound to me is kind of Santana is that it is fat and boosted, but also kind of like Jimi Hendrix but with a more modern vibe to it when compared to old fuzzes. Highly recommended, I will post a follow up after using it more extensively......
  8. steveg

    Mesa/Boogie 50/50

    Been playing for 30 years and have played many amps, this is a quality unit with a big bold sound
  9. Stellar amp, but can't say perfect because of the need for the effect loop mod and a tendency for the internal speaker in the combo format to be thin. But otherwise it sound so good, these demotes only demote it to a 9!!!
  10. steveg

    Akai G-Drive

    Overall an excellent pedal. I hightly recommend this for anyone who wants to tweak out their own distortion and feels like the run of mill fuzzes, overdrives, 808's, etc are nothing special. This ideal to dial in a secret weapon tone and kick it in for special solos or musical sections. In the studio it seems like it would be like having a wide range of pedals to chooose from all in one
  11. It is a very professional quality unit. I tend to be snobbish about having things in my signal chain be very transparent and more "hi fi" sounding. This pedal though gives me a new appreciation for the sublte way that guitar pedals can color the tone and have it be an asset. This pedal has the same basic tone curve to me as the classic pedals, but doesn't sound squashed and small, it doesn't make it sound\feel smaller to me, which I think a lot of vintage pedals tend to do. It does seem to roll off some high end like the old designs, but it is a good effect in which the midrange is emphasized and it really works with electric guitar and kicking some energy into lead sounds. The look and feel of the pedal is great, some very well thought out features. For exampe, the output level is a small top mounted pot that you can hit with your foot and change! The indicator lights are really bright and mounted in vintage amp style lamp cases- nice touch! Highly recommended!
  12. steveg

    Zinky True Grit

    Definitely a very useful and musical device. Has a personality of it's own, but very tweakable. Great for adding a whole other sound to a one or two channel amp! I really like the "Santana" tone I use it for and more adding subtle crunch to my clean channel.
  13. All positions sound good. One initial challenge is having so many options. Normally a wah just has one sweep and you simply use it. This pedal has a whole range of options so you can end up second guessing yourself and changing so often you don't lock in on using one setting right. Don't worry about this, I was concerned and then when I took it out live and ran it at stage volume, it sounded GREAT! Just don't expect the sound of Jimi Hendrix to come out automatically, you need to work with this pedal and get to know it, don't over simplify it, there is a lot of subtly available in how you rock it and exactly where you place the position of the pedal. It works GREAT for holding in one position to emphasis certain frequencies, when you change switch settings this gets very intereting and powerful. With so many sweeps to choose from it become apparent to me that different frequencies respond to different keys, notes and chords. This is an excellent product that seems to grow on me all the time!
  14. steveg

    Saga ST-10 Kit

    Overall, this is a very good product. You do need to upgrade some parts to make it a more professional unit. The experience of putting together your own guitar is a lot of fun and well worth the $$ and time put in.
  15. steveg

    BBE 381 Guitar Preamp

    This is a great preamp for clean, clear sounds and for recording. I think the other reviews are unfair because it seems that the people writing them did not understood the device or what to expect from it. I purchase it because after many years of using tube devices I wanted something with a little different sound- a cleaner and more striking sound, this definitely delivers in that area. In fact, I recently built a small tube power amp with my 13 year old son and told him he could try all of my pedals and preamps and have whichever one he likes best. He chose the BBE 381, now I have to find another one!
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