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  1. Do you still have the guitar...still for sale at what $$$??
  2. My motto is IF IT'S FREE, IT'S FOR ME!!!
  3. Somebody born in '37 will have the right number ($$$) in mind.
  4. That's a beauty...burled mahog is really pretty and makes a nice sound too. I have several Yairi and they are really nice instruments. You might want to consider giving some more guidance as to what you are looking for...nylon, steel, electronics, newer/older, approx value...throw in $$ for an upper trade?? Good luck with your deal.
  5. Seems like a win-win if you can TRY IT and return it within 24 hrs. Sure looks good!
  6. I love this model guitar and we all make "do-overs"...like painting on the face of this beauty...Yikes!!
  7. I'm 67 and learning...and SENIOR learning is a bit different than some younger sites vow to promote. Suggest you try GROUP lessons at some place like Community College...good start for basics...not big cost. You want to have someone (an instructor) keep you from learng too many BAD habits early-on. Learn a few chords, some Easy songs that you enjoy. There are THOUSANDS of TABS with words/chords all over the internet, so it gets back to PRACTICE, practice and practice. MANY songs are 3 or less easy chords. If you can figure out I, IV, V, you will go a LONG way fast. (google it if you don't know).
  8. If it's there I don't see it....PRICE?
  9. Not if the key is C# minor. G#7 is the correct chord. (And btw, I think you meant "G#m7", which is the v chord in C# natural minor ) This progression is a variant of what's known as the "Andalusian cadence" - because it's standard in Spanish flamenco - Am-G-F-E (E major, not E minor). I'm sure if you play that (2 beats per chord) you'll find it very familiar! It's not just common in flamenco, you hear it in pop, jazz and rock music too. (California Dreamin' is by no means unusual.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andalusian_cadence (They strangely omit this song from their list.) The V chord in a minor key is traditionally changed from minor to major in order to make a stronger cadence (resolution) back to the tonic. Eg, in key of A minor, using E major provides a G# "leading tone" to make it pull stronger back to A. This practice results in what's known as "harmonic minor" (because the alteration has improved the harmonic function of the chords). The "A harmonic minor" scale is A B C D E F G# - but this scale wouldn't be used on the whole sequence (it doesn't fit G for a start), only on the E chord. Otherwise it would be natural minor. (Just occasionally, you might find "melodic minor" being used on the E chord: A B C D E F# G# - but usually only in melodies, and only when rising up to the A note.) A harmonic minor will also fit Am and F, and is worth trying, to see if you like the sound - the more you use that scale, the more "Spanish" it will sound - which I guess is not totally inappropriate for California! BTW, capo on fret 4 will allow you to play the key of C# minor with A minor shapes - which is how they played it. I'm impressed!
  10. Here is an excellent lesson from Justin Guitar on how to develop this ability. Singing and Playing at the same time This should be a help and even a reminder to many seasoned vets...good stuff.
  11. You mention the WARRANTY CARD is available. My understanding of the only way to get the Factory GIBSON warranty is to be the original buyer from an authorized Gibson dealer. Otherwise the warranty would not be effective? Your guitar is a BEAUTY!
  12. Some SOUNDS you want require a pick to produce that sound. Otherwise, as you know some pretty fair pickers don't use picks and have made a good living, a LONG time.
  13. Some of these are SO absurd they have to be true! Whomever said there are no stupid questions, didn't see this!
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