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  1. Overall rating is a 9. If you are looking to get one, make sure you inspect the bridge pot issue. Several 59 owners have reported it.
  2. Overall rating 9- I like it very much- easy to play, fairly decent tone, and has a vintage vibe to it
  3. Been playing for 30 years, own a Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, and a PRS, and have also owned and played Epiphone Les Pauls, to which this guitar is often compared. Let me tell you that this Agile guitar completely smokes away any Epiphone I have ever owned or played. Because Kurt deals with the customer direct, he can offer such incredible features at such an affordable price. If Epiphone or Gibson offered ebony boards, abalone inlays, 18:1 Grovers, graphite nuts, and hand polished frets, you would definitely see the reflection in the price. As it is, this Agile with all of these features is a few hundred less than an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The only things I would like different is the fret access to higher registers, and the pickguard being optional. The switch tip is moot- I have an extra one somewhere, if not it only costs a few bucks.
  4. I love it, my favorite features are the six sound options from the three buckers, and the distressed finish- this is very neat. If anyone has any questions about this guitar please feel free to email me.
  5. This is now number 2 in line of my 5 guitars. I love it, but to truely have it meet its potential in playability and reliability the mods need to be done.
  6. I understand the price point issues, but it is a shame that some better quality components are not used in these "cheapo" guitars. Even Epiphone- a low priced guitar with a good rep- uses substandard electronics in their guitars which set them back. Still- if Squier made a Bullet in white with a maple board a la Hendrix, I would scoop it up and do the same mods here. These guitars seem to be made for modding and making the guitar better and "yours".
  7. Been playing 20 years, have played Gibsons, Fenders, Epiphones. With a setup to your specs (necessary on any guitar), better pots and switches, this import guitar is just as good. Trust me. Nowadays import guitars are so good, there is no reason to scrape for coin to buy a USA model.
  8. This is an excellent guitar for the money. With an electronics upgrade, it is even better, but I disagree with the other poster who says these are just as good or the same as a Gibson. I have played Epi Les Pauls for years, and this quilt top is my main guitar, but it is not and never will match a Gibson. The woods used are different, the construction, pickups, and electronics are of higher quality. Gibson uses all Mahogany and solid Maple- Epi uses either Mahogany or Alder, or a combination of the two- and the maple top is not laminated. The finish on Epis is a heavy plastic polyurethane, Gibson uses thin nitrocellulose. Gibson pickups are made in the USA- Epi stock pickups are "designed by Gibson"- they are Korean or Chinese copies, that sound good, but not as good as Gibson pickups. That being said...I dont have the money to spend on a Gibson, so with a simple and relatively inexpensive electronics upgrade, an Epi Les Paul can be a gig worthy instrument. I would not change the stock pickups unless you are looking for a different guitar sound.
  9. My fave features are the flamed top and the sound. I agree with the previous poster that it would be nice to have a PRS low end guitar with a carved top. Geez, the Epiphone bolt-on Les Paul 100 is carved, and has a street price around 250 dollars. Dislikes- I wish the heel was shaved back for more comfortable playing.
  10. Excellent Les Paul, but needs wiring, pots, and switch replacements to be truely great.
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