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  1. I understand that there was something (not sure what) posted in the band pics thread earlier today. If it was offensive, I apologize...it wasn't me. Thanks Frets for letting me know bro!

    Dude, you didn't get hacked.


    YOU hotlinked pictures from another site without checking them first. The site you lifted them from had a "remote link replace" function installed to thwart bandwidth thieves.

  2. Yeah... I'm thinking of getting Eminence Legend 1258. But the thing is that it's a replacement for valve combos only like Blues Jr., Hot Rod Deluxe... and I'm worried on how it'll work on a solid state like mine.

    Any tips?


    The Eminence Legend series is fine for any fender amp (tube or SS). The sound just matches.


    Make sure the power rating and ohms match up, and you should be golden.

  3. In 1983 my girlfriend dropped my Sears LP copy and broke the neck. So, being a freshman in college, I decided to blow my semester's meal $ on a new guitar. I wanted a strat. So I went to the local music store.


    I couldn't afford any of the strats they had, except one. So I asked the guy, "Why is that one so much less?"

    "Because it's a copy."

    "OK, I'll give it a try."

    "Whatever, kid."

    I played it for a while. "Wow, this is lightyears better than my broken department store guitar! Here's your $200."


    So I settled. I wanted a strat, but settled for the copy. What brand copy, you ask?


    Tokai AST-62


    Still have it.

  4. I need an amp for my office. Something that I can use for practicing at my desk. Not for performing or for recording. Just practice.


    Normally I'd just pick up a cheapie amp that moms buy their kids for their birthdays. But I have a nice office that people stop by alot. So, I don't want a {censored}box.


    It has to be "tube", has to sound good at low volume, and look good. (retro-style is OK by me).


    Any suggestions?

  5. While speaking to the NCLR

    "Don't worry about whether these immigrants are going to learn to speak English. Make sure your kids know how to speak Spanish."

    WTF??? First off, most of these "immigrants" are
    illegal aliens and second, I need to make sure my kids speak Spanish so they can communicate with said "immigrants"?

    Get the {censored} out of here!!!


    Here's the speech transcript...



    Please find that line for me. I don't see it.

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