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  1. It also depends on the house wiring. If there is a bad ground a p90 will hum more than a humbucker. p90s are more succeptible to magnetic interference.


    That magnetic shielding tape or paint applied to the inside of the pickup cavity helps alot. I put the paint on my LP DC Special and it did wonders.


    There still is one dive bar that I play at where I still get noise.



    For lefty p90 guitars under 300? Rondo?




    You may have to call them to order a lefty. But they have several p90 models under 300.

  2. Originally posted by ChihliDog

    I had one of these like 10 years ago, I dont even remember the model name, it was a sort of stratty, sort of pointy.

    I dont remember why I got rid of it, but I've been thinking lately that it was actually a pretty cool guitar and I'd kinda like another. Anyone here have one of these things? Just curious.


    I had one in the late 80's / early 90's. It was a model TR9-something. It was strat shaped but pointier. Flame maple (laminate) with blue burst with cream binding and cream pickup covers. Kahler trem, reverse headstock, H-S-S.


    It was an OK guitar from what I remember. The fingerboard was a little too flat and wide for my taste. I sold it and bought a tele in 92.

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