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  1. Forgot I had even made this thread! My forum usage has migrated primarily elsewhere. But yeah, I tried two separate Boss adapters, so it doesn't appear to be that...
  2. Oof. Anyone wanna diagram that first sentence? Debating how I feel about the comma placement there. Heh.
  3. This li'l guy hasn't seen any damage or anything and the plug works fine but, for some reason, every time I've plugged it in this week, it dies. It's an RC-2, and I've been using it for practice while I'm living in a new city. Not the most crucial thing to get fixed, but I diggit (and hate droppin' cash on the batteries this thing devours). Anyone had this problem? It doesn't look damaged internally.
  4. Yeah, that's not particularly useful advice for me, personally. Maybe I wasn't clear enough? As I said, I know some, and I'm trying to learn the territory. Like I said, a lot of it is whole-tone scales at the chord's tonic, combined with occasional diminished-scale runs when appropriate, and the like. My friend phoned me this pattern the other day that he looped into a solo, and it's fantastic. Still a little straightforward and direct, but it serves as a foothold... Like I mentioned: great start, for a diminished pattern, but it still plays too much like a run; more jazzy than I'd like/not quite avant enough.
  5. Wondering if any people have some tips or pointers on the topic of atonal solos... I'm not really looking for Sonic Youth-esque sounds, chaos fuzz, or random gibberish type things, really. More like in the sense of controlled, restrained solos. Something broken, but focused. I've been working with diminished and whole-tone scales a bit, throwing in some chromatic runs and the like, but does anyone know any good patterns or tricks they've used to add an avant-garde sound to their playing? I was listening to the solo to Talking Heads' "Born Under Punches" recently, and was trying to figure out a way to play along those lines without cheating with Max/MSP patches or having Brian Eno sitting behind me. I mean, there are definite moments where I hear things that sound really impressive to me, and I know there has to be a more logical way of achieving these sounds without the aid of gimmicks and programs. What guidelines do people have in trying to make their guitars sound like Mike Garson on a bender? Or does anyone even care?
  6. Big fan of DR strings. I love the sound of 'em. One of these days I think I'm gonna try some flatwounds.
  7. So I've got my metronome out once again, trying to build some speed. I'm facing two major problems, though: [1] Sometimes when I'm playing, I accidentally let a string ring out after I switch to another. Ex: e: --------9-11-9---------9-11-12-11-9------- :|| B: 9-10-12-------12-10-12--------------12-10- :|| When switching back and forth, I keep having the the b and e strings ring out after I move on. What do most people do while hitting a run like this (all 16th notes over 120bpm at least) and having renegade ringing strings? Is it in the palm? Am I pulling off too sharply? Or is it just one of those things that just stops being a problem over time? [2] On higher strings and frets, I start sound unintentionally staccato, and I lose articulation and tend to "studder," losing the tightness of my pick-finger synchronization. It's like the pick just doesn't attack right somehow, as though it were fatter or sloppier (and I'm happy with my pick, so I know it's not that). Ex: e: ------------12------------- :|| B: ---12-13-15----15-13-12---- :|| G: 14------------------------- :|| (again, all 16th notes over 120bpm at least; alternate picking). Like I said, it gets staccato, not very tight, and the picking gets inconsistent, for lack of a better description. How do other people get over this? Is it, again, just a matter of putting in the hours or what? I know, probably simple and dumb questions, but nonetheless, I'm hitting a bit of a brick wall, so I thought I'd look for a little feedback...
  8. Specifically string bands/scratch music. A friend and I are trying to put together a scratch band, but listening to some 78's I have recorded on cassette, we can't quite figure it out, but there's definitely something really atypical about the chord progressions and sound. Anyone familiar with this sort of thing? In fact, does anyone even know what I'm talking about, or have any knowledge about this style of music? The overwhelming about of major chords and 7th chords is kinda usual (as far as I can hear), and it's definitely not too diatonically rigid. Are there any commonalities in writing and chord choices in this era of music across the board? I figure it must be somewhat primitivist, but the style doesn't have a whole lot of deviation (no offense if anyone begs to differ). Anyone got an ear for these old tunes?
  9. I remember when scales first kinda "hit me." Kinda wish I could relive those days briefly. Then there was Theory classes in College; I wish I could relive those only to squeeze some more knowledge out about modern and non-chromatic theory. There's a lot of good info here. Good luck taking it all in!
  10. I'd say that's related. Too many people obsess over the original CuNiFe wideranges when there are some great modern alternatives to wideranges that use alnico. No, they wont sound exactly the same (though even the wideranges didn't all sound the same), but will offer many of the same characteristics at a much more affordable price. Lollar imperials, fralin p92 and twang master, many clear PAFs. It's all in the threaded magnets. True, there are similar pickups, but the original WR's definately have a sound which (apparently) won't ever be truly replicated, which kinda sparks the interest, I suppose. Personally, I'll probably go for a TV Jones Magnatron in the bridge to get that single coil Tele-style sound while keeping the humbucker qualities on the guitar I'm customizing. I think I'll have the neck stay single-coil, though, just for a little more treble and because I prefer the single-coil sound for solos and fuzz in the neck position. I always wondered why the Tele-custom models that mixed SC and WRHB pickups chose to have the HB in the neck rather than the bridge. Seems kinda counter-intuitive in relation to modern preferences.
  11. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but 90% of the internet is filled with useless information. Any direct comparisons to the old reissues or the original? Output? Alnico type? Look at the context, mouthbreather.
  12. Finally came out: They're AlNiCo. {censored} 'em...
  13. Heres some pics, no expert but they look the same as the other reissues Yeah, I saw those. Looks like someone was already selling the parts on eBay. I guess, anymore, I don't care how authentic they are too much; I'm just wanna know what, if anything, is different about them...
  14. Uh...He's saying he had the reissues and has tried the originals. It wasn't that hard to make sense out of that.... Well, the punctuation and apparent lack of comprehension over English sentence syntax certainly didn't help deliver the message. Plus he just throws out "I tried 'the real thing' and didn't like them," calling them "muddy," which leads me to believe he in fact did not try them, and is just (like most people on the internet) interested in having something to say without any backing experience or information. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but 90% of the internet is filled with useless information, so why propagate within that margin? I mean, contributions are worthwhile, but throwing out something with little foundation, backing evidence or support, or even critical thought put into it, isn't particularly useful or worth reading, now is it?
  15. I had em in my 72 reissue thinline-and they were dull, mircrophonic, and muddy. Hope it wasnt just me-but they all say "If you tried the real ones"...I hear that but I did try the real thing out once, they did not blow me away! Ha ha... I'm trying to make sense of this post, but it just seems so syntactically retarded. Are you saying you think you've tried the proper CuNiFe WRHB, or you've tried the bastardized versions? Do people really not get that they're not made at all similar, and the originals are relatively uncommon?
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