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  1. Did you really just search for Kirk Hammett threads and bump one from half a year ago? I was looking for the TURN OFF TEH WAH pic.
  2. To each's own. For its price, I would still choose a vintage Twin Reverb, a Marshall Plexi, a Marshall JCM800 and a Roadster... all used. They can cover all the tones of a Herbert. Scalable Volume is not much an issue for me. But the Herbie is still great in itself.
  3. have you tried switching from 100K value to 200K value pots? Any difference?
  4. Fulltone - ICAR clone with more durability? Hot Potz II - modern design and I dunno how it can affect my Jen's tone What else? I really like that "Love Boat" sweep which is so sweet. I don't like the taper to sound like a modern wah (although the circuit/inductor has more to do than the pot alone.)
  5. PACMAN beat the hell out of the Golden Boy last Dec 6.
  6. Is it just me? I think my RM100's dynamic response to ALL modules are pretty much the same. While some modules like the XTC and Recto have a tad looser bottom, I still think they are not as "liquidy" in the dynamics department. It's like, I want more openness to the sound. Apparently, the OT has something more to do with this?
  7. I just seem to go nuts for retro effects equipment nowadays. But some people tell me, why do you need to buy (and maintain) an echoplex if an Ibanez DE7 or Dano DE1 can do the job just as good? Is there any reasonable purpose of owning real tape echo units?
  8. skunky_funk

    Hiwatt Lead 50R

    I have been playing for more than 16 years and I play a lot of blues-influenced rock, fusion, and in my early days I played a lot of metal. I do recording for a living and I own several amps namely a Randall RM100 MTS head with 6 different modules, a Fender Bassman 135, a 1974 Marshall Super Bass Plexi, and have gone through a Mesa DC2, a Fender Stage 185 and Laney LC50. If this amp got lost, I'd most definitely buy another one. Or if funding allows, I'd go for a DR504. This amp is like a DR504 + extras. Cool Hiwatt facade too. Nothing to regret about buying this amp. I just wish the Lead Channel was voiced more organically...
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