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  1. I'm trying to get my hands on an Effector 13 Tr-1 or find some where to buy the AR 05 from the new line of Artifact pedals from Effector 13. Anybody have one they want to sell or know where to order them from? thanks Zack
  2. I'm asking 200 Canadian dollars or best offer.
  3. Great little tube pre-amp that sounds and works great. The meter does not always work. Please contact Zack at zackantel@gmail.com for more info or pics.
  4. -Rack-mountable -20 Channel -4 aux sends -16 programable scenes -great for recording or mixing keyboards. They don't make them like this anymore! I recently had all the components cleaned. I took great care of this rare mixer from Tascam. Please contact Zack at zackantel@gmail.com for more info or pics
  5. This case was built two weeks ago for my synth, pedals, and cables etc. This is a very high quality brand new case made by renowned Custom Case builders Big Deal Cases. This case has an Airline Trasnport Association Specification of 300, Category 1. It would be great for transporting any musical gear. It's a beautiful black case with great build quality. It has wheels and handles at each end. Dimension are 49 inches long/ 12 inches high/ 15 inches deep. Please contact Zack at zackantel@gmail.com with questions or for more pics. P.S. I'm located in Canada and I'll ship any where in North America.
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