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  1. I've moved to the world of Apollo, so I'm selling my UAD-2 Satellite Duo Firewire. Comes only with the basic plugins described here: UAD & Apollo | Analog Classics Bundle Will ship in the original box. $450 with free shipping in the CONUS and I eat PayPal fees.
  2. Missed it!!!! darned! It is sold out! I just went and ordered one. It still says "ALMOST SOLD OUT." Did you try ordering? -- N
  3. Sam Ash sale again. http://www.samashmusic.com/content/huge-demo-inventory2.asp Were people able to get the prices matched from other stores the last time? There's something I want, but the closest Sam Ash is 1.5 hrs away. -- N
  4. I wanna say that some of the guys from Rilo Kiley were also on Salute your shorts, but i'm not positive. They deffinately don't stand out like that ginger Oh yeah, hey sandy was the best theme song Blake from Rilo Kiley was on Salute Your Shorts and Boy Meets World! Juliana Hatfield, Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop and many others were on Pete&Pete. I can't wait. Have the Tivo set to relive my youth! ;-) -- N
  5. Yes! Ryan Reynolds back in the day! :-) -- N
  6. I have a mid-2010 27" Corei7 iMac. I went with the i7 upgrade to get the 8 threads so that Logic Pro sees 8 cores. I came with 4GB RAM and late last year I added 8GB (the new iMacs come with 4 slots for RAM) and I could not be happier. I run Ableton Live and Logic Pro with no issues. The 27" screen is gorgeous and even lets you use it as an external display for another computer via Mini DisplayPort. The smaller iMac will not let you do this. I only wish it had ThunderBolt... -- N
  7. I ordered one and got a back order notice right after. I have never received it and they haven't officially cancelled the order either. I'm thinking I'm not getting one... -- N
  8. Hey everyone - I got an xtSA not long ago and need to change the strings. The Godin website says you should use their strings and in the photo on their website their strings look a lot like D'Addario's (based on the colored ball ends). Would the plain old D'Addario 10's I put on my other electrics be these magical strings? I like the way MIDI tracks with the guitar as it is so I don't want to mess anything up with the wrong string type. Thanks... -- N
  9. Zooropa by U2 Anything after Mother's Milk by RHCP -- N
  10. Thank you everyone for your help. I found an AX 100 mkii today at a local store. It had been sitting in their rack and had been forgotten about so I got a great deal on it. -- N
  11. Nevermind. Found an AX 100 mkii today... -- N
  12. I'll give it a good home where it will be used regularly. PM me. -- N
  13. Thanks for the link. My Google search did not bring that one up. I'm definitely going to try getting a hold of either the AX50 or AX100 mkII. -- N
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