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  1. Still consider it good value for the money, but now that I'm playing a lot, I'm starting to think on getting a real mandolin.
  2. It deserves a 10 considerind the price, but I'll rate it with an 8 so the overall rating doesn't mislead anyone into thinking it's a great instrument. It IS great when you factor the money, itherwise it's just OK. But hey, money is a factor, and I'm absolutely happy with it. I live from playing music, and I need instruments that I can (sort of) abuse, play in tune and sound good. This one fits the bill. It's currently used as part of an acoustic setup that includes a Yamaha guitar and fretless bass, a Takamine "lawsuit model" EF340S, Fishman amplification, it's played with first class instrument like a Godin Multiac and luthier guitars, and it works. I thought this Crafter label was a cheapo, but for what I've seen, it looks like if you have the patience to try some of their instruments, you can get pretty good ones for very little money, and that, in a country like mine, is really really great.
  3. A great amp, incredible deal if you consider the money. I don't know if I would replace it with the same if it gets stolen unless I'm short of money as I was when I bought this one: you get a multiFX and an amp: as i said before, a workhorse. I wish it had separate EQ for each channel. That's why I don't give it a 10
  4. I play jazz and argentinian folclore mostly. I find it very useful. I've been playing guitar and bass for almost 20 years, have and have had assorted electric, acoustic, basses, FX, amps, you name it. I work as an engineer in a project studioIf it gets stolen, I will probably buy it again, or perhaps if I have the money go for the big brother, if only for the digital out. I think it's a terrific value for the money, find the gig bag a nice touch, hate the power connector that makes me feel a little worried about its long term survival. Minor niggles, since it's all about the sound, and the sounds are there with some work, and having in mind the price, of course. Obviously simulations, and more in this price range, are far from the real thing, but being able to play with this lot of sound possibilities and getting this much sounds is just great.
  5. Patricio Murphy


    If it gets stolen I'll go and buy the real thing:M-Audio. Period. Audio is worthless, so I should rate the thing as 0-Worthless, but as a controller it does work (albeit with some minor problems), so I'll rate it with a 3. Should it work as advertised, it would earn a 10, but S/N ratio sucks, it makes all kinds of noises it's true Plug'n'pray... Unfortunately, I should say avoid it.
  6. I use it for several types of music, mostly instrumental music, but some electronic stuff too. If ti were stolen and I could get one for the same price I would go for it. I definitely like it.
  7. Patricio Murphy

    Casio MG-510

    One correction to a previous post: this guitar wasn't built by Ibanez, but rather for the same people that made the Ibanez MIDI guitar too, and, as said, they REALLY knew how a good guitar is constructed. I may seem excesively enthusiastic, but I'll give it a ten here too! Get one if you can: it's the cheapest ticket to MIDI guitar, and you get a very good solidbody too. It can't be beat!
  8. [Comments] I would definitely buy another. I might add that when I buy another archtop (which I will) I'll put it one of this, no matter how expensive it is. It provides me with all I expected and more. Absolutely happy with it.
  9. I've been a professional guitarist for 15 years. I own a couple of flat tops (Yamaha and Takamine dreadnoughts), a classical from argentinian luthier Estrada Gomez, a Casio MG510 MIDI guitar. As I said, I was after a particular sound, and this guitar delivers it for very low bucks. I tried other makes and models (Samick, Epiphone, Aria) that were a little or a lot more expensive, and this guitar is the best value I can think of other than the real thing. Should I have the money, I'll get a Gibson, but this will still get use.
  10. Patricio Murphy

    yamaha DW4SC

    I love this guitar. It stands on its own against my 20 year old Takamine EF340S (a copy of a Martin D-28), is reliable, looks beautiful... I wish thay made it with the stereo pickup and an XLR output wouldn't hurt also. Before buying this one, I walked almost 15 music stores, and it's absolutely the best I found for this money, and it beats some more expensive ones also. I highly recommend it for both fingerstyle and pickstyle playing.
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