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  1. START YOU OWN BLOODY THREAD, FUKKWIT! you're just proving to everyone here what a yob you are If I'm deciphering your impeccably written post correctly you re-opened this long gone thread for absolutely no reason other than to make yourself feel tough? Fascinating. And highly constructive, I can see how your post really serves to enhance the underlying issue. Which is, of course... That the OP came here and lied. Got caught lying. And just took waaaaaaaaaay too long to come clean. His stupid fault. Not mine. I didn't lie. No good reason to have started another thread about that...
  2. 4 posts between you and these are 3 of them? Epic.
  3. Dr. Douche. Can everyone say "Dr. Douche"? All together now. Rap freak is not in the wrong. If name calling assuages your [insert problem here] then by all means, indulge yourself -- name calling is meaningless. Lying is wrong, and calling people on their lies is the right thing to do. Period. I feel zero guilt at having called this guy on his BS...
  4. So basically the only reason you BSed is just the $50 rebate? Ridiculous. Should have just been clean from square one, no one gives a crap about that rebate... I still need/want the Pacifica but if you don't want to sell to me that's cool, you're not going to have any problem at all moving that unit if it's for real... Killer pre, decent price. Your theory of the packaging signatures isn't correct or all 3 would be signed. And you'd have 3 of the same sig -- instead you had 3 boxes, one unsigned, and 2 with different sigs on each -- so perhaps you bought returns or warehouse resealed without realizing it. But at any rate that's probably not normal stock, check your other gear boxes -- you'll see. YOU are the reason people prefer GS to HC. You lied, I simply called you on it. That's all. You wish to distract from that with straw-man type drama, but... No user ever stopped using this site due to any of my posts. Hopefully now that all your questions are answered you can go on to another thread and crap there. No need, everyone else around here seems to be pretty honest... And of course the obvious caveat that I feel zero guilt for calling you out on your lie(s). That is not "crapping on a thread" -- you may feel that you have the right to lie about the gear you sell here, but I strongly disagree with you and your little buddies on that one -- and I don't understand why you do it frankly. Either way I definitely do not bear any responsibility for your choices nor the consequences thereof. If you lie then be prepared to be called on it. If you don't like it then don't lie (or suck it up). Simple stuff. Ain't nobody's choice but your own.
  5. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...7&d=1234096184 You spent time making/posting that graphic not realizing it reinforces the opposite position you intended? Epic. Lay on, Macduff...
  6. BTW just FYI those signatures on the packing boxes in the photo (different sig on each box in this case) often indicate items which have been returned to their point of sale at some point in time for one reason or another... Those are typically sigs from dealer staff who have scanned that code during processing. Notice when you buy brand new gear there are usually no staff signatures like those beside the barcodes. Go check your boxes, you'll see. Usually those sigs would only be added when received for return, i.e. to indicate who processed it or who matched the barcode with a valid return authorization, etc. New gear boxes typically have no such signatures beside the barcodes.
  7. Link updated for those like Music Calgary who think I'm full of BS I never doubted you had some gear for sale, just wanted to know the truth of origin. That you lied about the origins hasn't changed -- but hey, congrats on finally unloading the stuff anyhow. Cheers.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&item=130285557352 404 just FYI.
  9. I spend most of my time on other boards that got established before the HC boards took off Fascinating.
  10. Bruce's "dream" studio that he built on West Viking Ranch in Moorpark, CA. I ran my studio out of there for a number of years Living the dream. Literally.
  11. Ahh, I see. I'm trying to match an SE. Thanks very much though. Definitely a fair price...
  12. Here's the deal "tubejay" of 40 posts: 1. You don't know what my eBay feedback is. Not one clue. 2. He bull{censored}ted about the gear provenance. Period. Deal with it. 3. You are the one harrassing. Calling people names, etc. I don't harrass people, not my bag. I will always reply when insulted though, a.k.a stop posting to/about me if you want the thread to die. 4. What is your stake in this?
  13. The guy has a ton of feedback on eBay So what? BS is BS. I don't care if he's the king of Siam, there's just no reason to BS buyers in here about the gear you are selling. Period. Just tell the truth and roll with it... And this is definitely BS. Besides presenting more than one version of the story behind this gear, the final story is similarly BS. Pure BS. Sorry, but it just is. I am not saying he is a scammer, I am simply pointing out that the story presented of the origin of this gear is BS. If you aren't interested in that then don't read. Super simple. But I am not going to be bullied by you into doing anything but the right thing, and the right thing is to call people on it when they BS, so... If that makes me unpopular with you then your values are distorted. I can't imagine why anyone would support people BSing in here. Weird. Why do I care? Because I don't want to buy any gear without having been given the truth about it's origin. To me $1,600 is a lot of cash, I can't afford any rude surprises. And I don't like it when people sling BS so unneccesarily. It's just not cool. Sorry but that's my take on it. everyone is calling you out for acting obnoxiously. Everyone? Meaning the 3 arguably-obnoxious posters who added nothing but drama to this thread? Yes, harrowing. Perhaps I should rethink my entire ethos... I'm not sure how I will ever go on.
  14. I've got $75 I'd give you for this shipped to Calgary, Canada if you want it. If you have a good rep for sales here I would be willing to direct deposit the cash (or whatever method you prefer) to save you any transaction fees.
  15. I gave up on this place because of musiccalgary Umm, no you didn't... I vote we all flood his pm box Awesome usage of your time and energy.
  16. You personally bought 4 variations on the 7602 to start a small studio then abandoned them all "never plugged in", held onto them through times of financial need -- and still have them all for sale "never plugged in" 4 months later? Beside the other variations on this story you've presented here and elsewhere on that, doesn't that version of the tale just strike you as hard to swallow? I've got no beef with you, just trying to get to the truth -- and that simply hasn't been possible with you so far. Just trying to ensure that Pacifica is of the origin presented. Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Pre Single ($712 new) $575 Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Pre Single plus CPS-1 Power Supply ($821 new) $650 Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Pre Double ($1,424 new) $1,075 Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Pre Double plus CPS-1 Power Supply ($1,533 new) $1,150 Sorry, but that anyone would buy that particular combination of gear to launch a small studio seems, well, far out. But that they would then abandon them without ever plugging them in and hang on to them for half a year through tough financial times without even ever plugging them seems ludicrous -- even with your other variations aside. I'd still love to buy the Pacifica for that price, that unit is #1 on my shopping list -- (as would many other people) but without seing your original receipt I am not confident enough in your story to send you cash. If you bought the stuff new for a studio then it shouldn't be an issue for you to present the receipts, people do that all the time. Good business. I don't care if you BS people, I just want a straight deal on a Pacifica.
  17. Pretending to be a mod? What on earth are you on about? You're a nutter. Pure nutter. Certainly no one here has done that, myself or otherwise. Get some sleep. I only know 2-3 people from this board, all good friends. So how you, a complete stranger, can report suddenly becoming the focal point of an email campaign against me by a group of people who also don't know me (based solely upon me calling you upon some BS you tried to get over) is utterly perplexing. Frankly I just do not believe you. Based mainly upon your past history of truthiness but also of the absurdity of the whole thing. Here's the simple fact, you tried to get over with some BS, I called you on it. That is all. I suppose you got embarrassed and wish to detract from that by attacking me. Go for it, no worries. But it just doesn't change the underlying fact. So...
  18. you don't treat people like that Like what? Call them on it when they BS? I do. I'm a pretty mellow guy, Not at all.
  19. Hi which model of 4033? (if you read the model off the mic are there any letters attached to the 4003, i.e. 4033SE?) What shape is it in, are you the original owner? Thanks.
  20. Well since i am always on the market for studio gear i cant avoid reading your posts.... Dont take it wrong, just dont judge if you dont have 100 % confidence that you are right, he has a good ebay feedback and other forums references. If you are really bothered by someone's thread, just send them a PM. and make things clear. Not everyone you think is a scammer really is, you like me, are a "internet Person" so you cant really know who is the person trying to sell honesty or trying to rip you off. So just take it easy, and try to do things the right way. Me "Internet Person" Sigh. You have absolutely no clue about the facts here -- yet for some odd reason feel the need to go on and on about it. Not much to say about that... :poke:
  21. Ummm. Do you actually have anything constructive to add? If so, please do -- otherwise please do not labor under the illusion that anyone here cares. This is a classified ads forum, if you need a place to pump yourself up go visit mom.
  22. You are getting very annoying I'm guessing you say that sort of thing to a lot of people online but absolutely none in real life... Not sure why you want to protect liars but I can only assume your intentions are bad. If I see someone lying to people in here I will point it out, you should too. If you don't like my posts then stop spending your time reading them all. Very simple.
  23. Hey Mesa, I'll buy this off you -- I'm in Calgary but I know someone in Edmonton who can come drop off the cash and grab it, so it's $300 CAN?
  24. Actually if I had $850 I would definitely think about it, that's a good price on a great mic. But I just bought a Great River 2NV yesterday so I'm eating noodles for a while.
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