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  1. Hello Carguy (cousin Freddie). Longtime no see. Do you still have your Gibson Songwriter? I seem to remember that you owned one, though I may have become confused over the years. I think they were basically a Hummingbird but with a bit less adornment.
  2. thank you garthman. happy to see the place is in good hands.
  3. Thank you DeepEnd. I will try to drop by and say hello occassionally. Hope you are doing well.
  4. Hello pickers. I wasn't sure this place still existed. I decided I would look around and was amazed to find that I could even sign in. Not sure how long it's been but I'm kind of happy. Used to have a lot of stupid arguments about bridge pins and Laminate versus solid wood B/S. What for, I can't remember. Had too much time on my hands I suppose. I first came here in March of 2006. That's been about 30 guitars ago, LOL. Anyway, Just thought I'd stop by and say hi and see if anybody wanted to argue about the best way to mic an acoustic guitar for recording. Garthman. You
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