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  1. Oh wow...here we are, five years later.
  2. I used to be a regular here, but then spent about a decade at TGP. Nowadays, neither.
  3. First time in a long time. You do realize that I couldn't give two {censored}s, right?
  4. Holy crap...first time on here for a really long time, and it's a ghosttown! What the...?
  5. Why is the logo all jacked on the amp? The original logo has pieces that broke off and the previous owner tried to fill in the gaps with some sort of plastic caulking. Luckily, it came right off. Ordering a new logo for this amp now. It's beautiful!
  6. It's too bad these amps are so unknown. They sound fantastic and are really light to carry around. $300 is a great price, too. I sold mine for $450 plus shipping. Bump....
  7. 1979 was a great year! Lots of fond memories: My dad took me to see KISS on the Dynasty tour, Judas Priest released Unleashed in the East and would soon become my metal obsession, Pink Floyd released The Wall and was all over the radio, I attended my first school dance and was asked to dance by a pretty blonde girl named Pamela, and this amplifier was made in England, which I am buying tomorrow:
  8. Thanks for the responses. I've decided to keep the PRS after all. Bought a couple more Les Pauls, but decided I like the PRS best.
  9. Got one for sale? email me at my user name @gmail (I rarely check my PM's here on HC, so please use the gmail). Thanks!
  10. Sonofa..... If I had the scratch, I'd be all over this gorgeous guitar. Bump....
  11. Looking for the 40 or the 88 head. PM me, please.
  12. Pics dude? I have a souped up Korina Warmoth LP in the classifieds I might be interested in doing something with. Thank you, but I'm going to pass on the Warmoth.
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