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  1. You have it torn down. What are the pots dated? Should be something like 1377046
  2. Whats the size at the nut and the radius of the neck?
  3. [ATTACH]250866[/ATTACH] You'd be hard pressed to find a prettier bass. I'd be interested in old school types of trades.
  4. [ATTACH]232146[/ATTACH]WTT.... SVT-CL with white graphics. Just had it in the shop and had all the solder joints gone through and had all the tubes checked out. It's a 2003 model and it has no issues.It's in very good shape. What I want is a older SVT .Reguardless how good the CL sounds ,it's just not what I grew up on. I want my old sound. I can sweeten the deal by throwing in other equipment to boot. Any interest?
  5. yea,i read about your new svt on the other board. i hate you dude.
  6. Same guy. I'm just getting my ducks in a row before I talk to him again. He's ok, really, just has some of the same prejudices regarding amps, g....tars and stuff that a lot of others have. You say he's the leader?What the hell does that mean? Is he the singer?,Guitar player? Book the jobs does he? Tell him to "lead" and leave the bass playing to you ,or he can do that too. People like that piss me off. Give me the task. I'll figure out the way to do it.
  7. Crap! I just bought a Jag.I'd love to add another Dano.
  8. '51 reissue Precision wanted. I don't want a MIM dirnt or a sting. Japan made is what I had in mind. I'm selling a couple of Ampeg cabinets to raise cash ,or if your intrested in a trade.............. pgeist@insight.rr.com
  9. 1- 15 and 1- 10 and a horn 175 watts 8 ohms Good shape ,sounds great. $230 Will trade for BASS related items
  10. poorboy

    Ampeg 410HE

    500 watts 8 ohm A couple of "small" tears Good little cabinet. $300 Will consider BASS related trades pgeist@insight.rr.com
  11. pgeist@insight.rr.com
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