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  1. Originally posted by blargh


    No, it isn't. No biologist references the 'law' of evolution; they call it the 'theory' for a reason. Again, this doesn't shoot it down or render it invalid, but you have to take it in the proper context.

    Relying on modern scientific theories as if they were incontrovertible fact is just as inane as putting letter-by-letter confidencein a text written down 3000 years ago by nomads and subsequently translated multiple times by people with their own political agendas.

    Both sides need to apply some logic and reason to their position here......

  2. Originally posted by code_blue

    Doesn't you bible suggest we be killed? What are you waiting for? 80% of America is Christian, I am sure if you guys grouped together and slaughtered us like you have in the past it would make you feel more "One with God".

    Ummm....no. I think Jesus' words were 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.'

    Where did you hear this? Somehow, I doubt you heard it in the local church......

  3. Originally posted by redrol

    No there is NO {censored}ING ARGUMENT HOW OLD THE EARTH IS.

    Ummm...yes, there is. There is no single accepted timeline, and there have been continual developments of new theories over the past 100 years or so. Those of us who are old enough to have been around long enough to remember the latest and greatest theories change over time realize this.

    Ever heard of radio carbon dating?

    Yes. Are you aware that there have been numerous incidents where carbon dating has come up with dates that were orders of magnitude different from geological or anthropological dating methods for the same item.

    This is why they are called theories.

    All of science is simply an effort to create models that roughly explain what we know about our environment. Once a model is developed around existing data, it is used to extrapolate concepts that go beyond this data, which allows researchers to target additional data to prove or disprove aspects of the theory. Eventually, data is found that refutes all or part of themost current theory, thus necessitating a change or discard of this theory, and a new one is generated.

    Scientific research has been around since Archimedes' time, and has been under continuous refinement ever since. To believe that somehow we only got 'serious' in the 20th century is to belittle the contributions of Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Brahe, Copernicus, Von Leeuenhoek, etc. You may think they weren't 'serious' but that's only because their work has been declared obsolete due to the availability of more data.

    Now, this doesn't invalidate the work going on today, and it certainly shouldn't allow us to say that 'science is BS and the Bible is all-knowing'. However, to believe that the work of a few human anthropologists or physicists is infallible and timeless is even more ludicrous than believing that your local minister has all the answers......

  4. Originally posted by murch33

    It also hasn't started nearly as many wars.

    Perhaps not, but it certainly has enabled the killing of vastly greater numbers with higher precision.

    What I don't get is this:

    Why do so many people think that 'science' is incompatible with 'religion'? The Bible says that God created everything and discusses 'why', but it simply doesn't touch on the 'how'. Science merely attempts to explain the workings and explicit history of our physical space.

    They are not only compatible, they often complement each other.

    BTW, I didn't come up with this view completely on my own - it was first presented to me by a PhD researcher in a university physics department. He proceeded over months to explain to me his views on Christianity and physics, and how they intertwined. I can't say I agree with him point-by-point, but I came away firmly believing that BOTH sides of this argument are being closed-minded.


  5. Originally posted by soc_monki

    by the way, when someone on here is having a tough time, i just tell them that im thinking about them and their family, or sending "mojo" or good thoughts their way. why do i need to go through a middleman?

    And this is even true for Christians. The power of prayer is that it is personal...regardless of the target.

  6. Originally posted by marder explorer

    Worship me, because I had a trust fund in my name when I was born, and can afford to blow it on whatever I feel like.

    Ya know, most of these guys are in their 40s and 50s and earned their own money.

    Your characterization is a bit off base.....

  7. I tend to use the following tunes to avoid derision and/or play-alongs:


    Sultans of Swing - best clean tone test I know

    I Don't Believe In Love (or Empire)

    Modern Day Cowboy (Tesla) - the rhythm part has enough lead runs to work the neck pretty well.

    It's Love (King's X) - dropped tunings

    Unchained (OK, this one's been beat to death, but it sounds good only if you have tone happening....)


    Additionally, various jazz chord progressions and some original stuff.


    If I really like the instrument, I may also do 'Couldn't Stand the Weather and/or Tush, but I won't subject the store to those unless I'm serious.....

  8. Originally posted by tuesday

    i find it disconcerting that there is a such thing as a '58-'59 sunburst
    . don't they have better things to do... like, say,
    said guitars?

    If you're spending upwards of $100K on ANYTHING, you can bet it gets discussed ad nauseum. Heck, look at the number of guys that hang out and talk about Corvettes, and they're less than half the price of an original Burst.

  9. Originally posted by ChetAtkinsDiet

    Guitar SALESMEN can be annoying? How about the CUSTOMERS?

    In my experience, some of the guitar customer annoyances on the list would be:

    1. People who are undereducated about what they're shopping for, yet think they know everything, and don't listen when you tell them about the differences between models.

    This scenario may be frustrating, but it's the salesman's job to try to provide useful and relevant information. Unfortunately, many guitar salesmen seem to think that relevant information includes "my brother's best friend who used to play for a band whose drummer knows James Hetfield loves this axe - it's way cool", and/or "they only made one run of that color back two years go - ain't it the $hit?".

    If you have something useful to add regarding the build quality or actual features of the instrument, please step in and help. If not, let me go through my test process. I've been using the same basic procedures to test equipment for a very long time, and I know what I'm looking for.

    [side note: The last salesman I bought anything major from gave me plenty of room, but at a couple of points suggested some settings on the amp I was playing through that were really interesting, and helped me understand its capabilities. This was, IMHO, what a salesman is there for.]

    2. People who play the beginning of the same 10 songs every guitar player knows, over and over and over and over and over....

    It's annoying for everyone nearby; I have chosen a set of tunes that almost nobody ever plays for my test sessions - although I will do a few bars of an AC/DC tune if I'm very close to buying. (never been in a band that didn't have at least one AC/DC tune in reserve, so....)

    HOWEVER, if some stupid kid only knows those 10 songs and he is ready to buy, youjust have to put up with it.

  10. Originally posted by Enigmatic

    I think the fact these fu*kers get paid less than minimum wage has a lot to do with their bad attitude...

    i wouldn't be able to survive with that kind of wage

    That's a two-way street. Those jobs aren't intended to be a sole - or even primary - income source for someone living outside their parents' house.

    If a kid is really trying to live on that as his only source of income, then he needs to learn what the real world is about and get a serious job/career/plan.

  11. Originally posted by HamsterSandwich

    They probably see themselves as stars who haven't had their big break yet, and it's beneath them to be working in a store serving the likes of YOU (and me). I've seen the type you're talking about. You just want to say "You're the minimum wage shop help... check the attitude Skippy!"

    That attitude caused me to stop shopping at GC completely for about 5 years - until recently. What changed was a single young clerk who really did understand what I was looking for, and took the time to actually be helpful. In return, I bought a $2500 head from him, and made certain that he got the credit.

    I wonder if all the other young dumb punks who have pi$$ed me off realize the commissions they missed out on?

  12. Originally posted by jrkirkish

    I think I'll be heading down to DC sometime in a few months, and I figured I'll check out Atomic Music while I'm there.

    Can anybody give me an idea of what it'll be like?

    It's a really, really large music junk shop. Pricing seems reasonable, but much (not all) of what is in there was cheap to begin with, and is now just older and cheaper.

    There are some diamonds in the rough, though. The key is that an awful lot of the guitars and amps in their stock have been neglected by former owners; some of them could be really cool instruments if you want to take a chance, take one home, fix it set it up.

    Additionally, there are generally a few pieces that are serious instruments, and at least one or two of the guys who work there are very knowledgable and helpful.

    Whenever I'm in the area, I walk through to see if anything catched my eye; nothing major has yet, but I haven't stopped looking. It's worth the stop, even just to take a trip down memory lane and gawk at all the stuff you owned when you were a kid....

  13. Originally posted by Kap'n

    Doesn't rare usually mean "nobody wanted to buy it when it was new?"

    Either that or that the original supply was limited for some other reason, such as is that case with Dumble amps. Plenty of people would buy Dumble's, but they're just not available. Sort of like beachfront property or moon rocks.

  14. Originally posted by xelleos

    i like supporting my local stores but im a college student and i just cant afford the extra 100 bucks or so they are going to charge me for a 1000 dollar guitar..

    How much will the drive cost you?

    You said several hours', so I'll assume 5 hours total drive time, or around 300 miles. If you assume $.40/mile (which is just below the federal taxable cost allowance), that's $120 for the drive.....

    Think it through.....

  15. Originally posted by JiroJan



    tony iommi

    freddy king


    srv, clapton and the like are all hugley influenced by one or more of the listed guitarist.




    How is Clapton influenced by any of the above? He was considered a guitar 'god' before any of these others had recorded anything (with the possible exception of Page....)

  16. Originally posted by DannyM

    "I closed my eyes and you sounded just like slayer"

    That felt great to hear from a fellow Slayer fan and guitarist. I had a smile on my face the rest of the night

    This reminds me of a time about 20 years ago when a guy in a bar came up and told me that I sounded 'Just like early Jimmy Page'.

    I'm sure he meant it as a compliment, but I couldn't decide whether to buy him a beer or deck him.....

  17. Originally posted by FckStick Jones

    Why doesnt someone do a Blind taste test and end this dumbass argument forever.


    Because anyone who's been playing long enough to have a valid opinion will be able to spot the real Gibson without ever seeing the headstock. The difference in cap thickness, binding, fret markers, etc., is so obvious as to be pathetic. Ditto for the feel of the pots, the fretwork, the bridge material, tuners.......

  18. OK, as someone who's been playing and singing for over 20 years:


    If you can't or won't get a 57/58, don't bother - you're wasting your money. There are plenty of better mics for vocal recording, but you don't need that. However, if you're going to learn to sing into a mic and practice vocals, you need at least a minimum level of equipment, or the quality of sound you'll get is literally bad enough that you will teach yourself to sing out of tune. Almost anything below the level of a 57/58 has response issues that make them not worth the time to drop off a balcony.


    Yes, I am serious. (This has to do with the accuracy of the overtone series, and some other psychoacoustic stuff that ain't worth the time to write it up for this thread.)


    Same is true for the system you plug it into: a guitar amp is not designed for vocals and cannot ever do a decent job. The frequency response isn't there, and neither is the dynamic range. You will do better (thought still not great) by using a large stereo system, getting an impedance matcher (as described in someone else's post above) and figuring out how to get a 1/4" jack into an RCA plug (through a tape deck or equivalent).


    You really want the best way to do this cheap? Go buy an old cheap used mixer and buy some adapters to put its output into an unused input on your stereo. This can be done for $50 or so. Combine with a $50 used 57/58 and you'll have a solution that will help you learn to sing, rather than teaching you really bad habits. You can also mix in recorded music. backing tracks, etc., and have something that will be very, very useful.


    Or you can spend $25 for something that will add to a landfill within a year or two. Your call.

  19. Originally posted by tlbonehead

    Don't forget,"if you can't afford a Gibby,they suck"


    Well put.


    Take an Agile (or other cheap copy) and put Gibson-quality hardware, frets, pickups, etc. You'll now have $6-800 more in the guitar, and you MIGHT have a guitar that's the equal of a middle-quality Gibson. I say might because there are variations among ALL guitars - no two are alike.


    The best Agile may initially be better than the worst Gibson, but will have crappier, shorter-lived components. The best Gibson, on the other hand, will be a seriously outstanding instrument.


    The worst of either brand won't be worth the price of the saw blade to carve it into firewood.

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