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  1. Originally posted by JimAnsell

    well i know ford can't tell them that.

    it just really bugs me that church officials, people who aren't taxed, have such a big say in business and government.

    Huh??? Aren't taxed? Hardly! A recognized church may be non-profit, but the individuals who work for the church certainly do pay taxes, same as everyone else.

    Frankly, as a moderate Christian, I probably dislike the so-called 'religious right' more than most. They don't represent me, and the attitudes I hear them spout certainly aren't in line with what goes on in my church.

    However, they have the right to be activists in politics every bit as much as the unemployed actors in Hollywood.....

    As far as Ford is concerned, they may just be paying attention to the fact that there are more Christians in the US than there are gays..... Sooner or later, taking the 'PC' position will piss-off one group or another. You just can't have it both ways, as there are certain issues where refusing to take a stand is, in itself, taking a stand. [To quote Geddy Lee: "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"]

  2. I wouldn't ever look for a 'cheap' tech for my amp. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

    [Yes, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between. Once people figure out that a tech is really good, the demand goes way up, and their prices tend to increase.]

  3. Originally posted by Buckethead2

    Les paul doesn't even endorse Gibson any more, however they still get to use his name due to a contract.


    He did a commercial for them just a few years ago - remember? It was a scene in an empty bar where a kid was playing an LP; and 'old man' walks up and asks if he can play a few notes, and the kid grudgingly agrees.


    The 'old guy' rips off a few blistering licks and hands it back to the kid, who says "Who are you....?" Les says something to the effect of "Look at your headstock; my name's on it."

  4. Originally posted by kimbal

    Yes, stock options from Haliburton.


    From the Associated Press:


    The Cheneys donated about $6.87 million to charity from the stock options and royalties earned on Mrs. Cheney's books: "America: A Patriotic Primer," "A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women" and "When Washington Crossed the Delaware: A Wintertime Story for Young Patriots."


    The Cheneys' income included the vice president's $205,031 government salary and $211,465 in deferred compensation from Halliburton Co., the Dallas-based energy services firm he headed until Aug. 16, 2000.


    the amount of deferred compensation received by the vice president is fixed and is not affected by Halliburton's current economic performance or earnings.


    The Cheneys had earlier agreed to donate all the profits from her books; the money primarily goes to educational support organizations, and also to some medical research institutes.


    Let's be real - the Cheneys grossed over $8.5M in total, and gave almost $7M away. The $200K or so he gets from Halliburton barely merits mention in comparison. Frankly, given the deals that most fortune 500 CEOs are now getting, it looks like he got screwed - $200K is chump change compared to the severance packages and deferred compensation lots of other CEOs are getting......


  5. Originally posted by spoonie g

    ok, shut the {censored} up. this is my thread and its not going to turn into a bunch of political bull{censored}. We're talking Les Pauls here.


    Fair enough. Were the R8 and R0 you saw at GC the new VOS PLEK's models, or were they the GC-spec planks?If they were VOS, would you be willing to share where they are?

  6. Originally posted by kimbal

    If you are going to tell the story, tell the whole story. Where did the 6 mil come from and why did he donate it to charity ?


    The $6M '05 income is from his wife's bookwriting career. A clip from a press release:


    Recently, Mrs. Cheney has written three books of American history for children. The first, America: A Patriotic Primer, released in May 2002, is an alphabet book for children of all ages and their families that celebrates the ideas and ideals that are the foundations of our country. The second, A Is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women, published September 2003, tells the story of women's contributions to American history. Her third, When Washington Crossed the Delaware: A Wintertime Story for Young Patriots, released in October 2004, is a straightforward yet elegant retelling of the dramatic military campaign that began on Christmas night, 1776. Mrs. Cheney's net proceeds from her three best-selling books are being donated to charity.


    I don't think she mentioned Les Pauls anywhere, though....

  7. Originally posted by SentimentalMood

    Do they include SHOOTING A DUDE IN THE FACE?


    Have you ever been quail or duck hunting? I find it interesting that people who actually hunt using small shot generally don't think this was an unusual occurrence, while those that either don't hunt at all or hunt deer think it's a felonious offense.


    Were you aware that Cheney himself has been 'peppered' while hunting (not while he was VP)?


    This was not "SHOOTING A DUDE IN THE FACE". Calling it that shows your ignorance of the sport.

  8. Originally posted by Speed_Racer71

    i would like to have had Dick Cheneys tax refund....$1.9 million..must be nice huh


    You do realize that this was because the government withheld more than $2M on stocks that the Cheneys had donated to charity, right? Basically, the government took their money for no good reason and held it for almost a year without interest.


    The Cheneys donated over $6M to charity in 2005 (around 75% of their total income, IIRC). On what was left, they paid close to a half-million in federal income tax.


    I'd have to say it wouldn't be nice at all to have the government decide they are going to hold $1.9M of MY money until I filed my taxes......




    Frankly, I'm not real happy with the IRS right now. AMT kicked in and left me writing about $3500 in checks. Of course, it is the fact that I have 4 kids that caused me to have to pay an extra $4K in taxes (nice, huh?). Naturally, I also didn't get the child tax credit, either.


    Tax cuts, my a$$. The only people who get any of the child tax credits or EIC are at low incomes.....

  9. Was this the trans-trem? I have been using mine for almost 20 years now, and I actually like it quite a bit. I don't have problems with tunng, and string changes are really easy and fast. Setup is also pretty easy; once you get the bridge saddles at their proper height/length, the adjustment for trem-spring tension does NOT move them (best feature, IMO).


    My only gripe with mine is that when I get the intonation shift set correctly (so that the trem pitch-shifts each string equally), it raises the high 'E' to a point where there's not enough break angle over the saddle - I end up pushing the string off the saddle. I have a REALLY heavy right-hand technique, though, so this may be unique to my style.


    Overall, I'd gladly go for another instrument with this trem...YMMV.

  10. Some guys also wrap the strings around the tailpiece, going over the top of the tailpiece and backwards through the holes. This gives a lower break angle, while allowing the tailpiece to be screwed further into the body. I've never tried it myself, but I assume that the theory is that having more of the screw threads in contact with the pressed-in nuts gives better sustain. (I'd bet the difference is pretty small, but why not try it?)

  11. Originally posted by donnievaz

    I'd be willing to bet that down here in Calvert County they tended to lean more to the south. But I don't know, I've only been down here 5 years.

    I'd bet that Howard county was split; Eastern side would be northern, while out here in the Western side, it's probably Confederate territory....

  12. Originally posted by charliedango

    It's a matter of wire gauge. Guitar lines pass low voltages and require less wire to transmit the signal effectively, but really need good shielding to keep out RF crap. Speaker cables are constructed of heavier gauge wiring for higher voltage application and the shielding isn't as good because it's not neccessary.

    Sorry, but no. A coax shielded cable (instrument cable) has a much higher capacitance than a non-shielded parallel (speaker) cable. The capacitance can lower the impedance your amp sees, which can fry your tubes or output transformer (or power transistors in a SS, although SS amps aren't as sensitive to impedance matching). This capacitance poses no problem for an instrument signal, because the input impedance of the amp is much higher, so the frequencies affected over a short distance are well above the audio range; with an 8-Ohm speaker load, however....not good.

    Also, the gauge of a wire has nothing to do with voltage, it has to do with the current. It's the insulation grade that determines the voltage that a cable can handle.

  13. The difference is simple, if you understand transfer functions.

    Bipolar transistors and diodes act more like a switch than a valve; only 5-10% of their active input control range is linear (less for a diode). Once you get past that linear region, the device is fully 'on', and cannot pass any more current, no matter how much more drive your input signal into the device. This causes hard clipping, which is like drawing a straight line across the top of the sound's waveshape. This hard clipping results in odd-order harmonics; the more you clip, the closer you get to a square wave, which is, by definition, the sum of ALL the odd-order harmonics at equal intensity. This is what sounds 'fuzzy' or 'buzzy'.

    Tube are more like valves, in that their linear region covers more like 60% of their input control range. Additionally, when you reach the end of the linear region, the transition to complete saturation (i.e., fully on) is gradual, not immediate. Even though the sound is no longer purely clean, you will still get more output from more signal input for a fairly large range. It may not be linear anymore, but it is not a hard clip. This results in a more rounded waveshape distortion, which results in even-order harmonics. This is what creates the 'warmer' tone of tubes. This is also the reason that a 100W tube amp actually will put out more power than a 100W SS amp; the 100W is a hard limit in the SS amp, while the tube amp can continue to put out more power - it's just more and more compressed as you increase the drive on the power tubes.

    For a true clean, SS is the way to go, i.e., traditional country, jazz, etc. For most blues, classis rock, or early metal, tube is the sound that most people go after.

    There is no single right answer, as they are just different. Personally, I absolutely prefer tubes for my guitar amps, but SS for my audio gear.

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