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  1. On getting paid to play at church...

    You people who think it's wrong to accept any money for playing in church or church-related things, I've got news for you: Your church history SUCKS.

    Whoa, there - I stated that I had never accepted pay for playing a Christian gig. I never said anything about it being wrong to do so. Fact is, I don't need extra money (at least not in my current situation), so I'd rather people give it to someone else. I didn't intend to project my current path onto anyone else - sorry if you got that impression.

  2. I've played with more bands than I can count on 100 hands that should keep their music to themselves. I think it's a factor of whats wrong with music today. There are so many bad bands playing out that it discourages people from going out to see live music. Everyone and their grandmother has a band and each thinks they deserve to play regardless of how horrible they are.


    One really telling metric is how many songs a band decides NOT to do in public after they have learned them. If you can't tell which ones have it and which ones don't, then you're probably playing a bunch that don't. [if you really don't know which tunes you need to drop, a good soundman can tell you....]

  3. definitely. pretty much everything people do in church now is for self gratification, at least from what i've seen. i think its gross that "christian" bands such as third day and such say they don't put on concerts but church services, but charge for their "church service." anyways, i dig that guys oxblood bad cats.

    Agreed. I've played Christian music for over 30 years. I've never accepted a penny for doing so. Secular clients pay the going rate.

  4. I suspect that a lot of guys on HC(maybe not HCFX as much) use "church" as a valid excuse to "jam".

    I would go as far as to say it's not even similar to being in a band.

    Agreed, but it is "performing". Unlike bedroom wankery, you actually have to play complete songs within a group of other musicians, and there are more people watching/listening than playing.

  5. In a band, gigged last weekend, but have this one off (singer is on vacation).

    Current gear:

    Bogner XTC
    Marshall 3203
    Marshall 1960A
    Marshall 1966A
    Marshall 1966B
    ADA MP-1
    Quadraverb GT
    Korg DT-1
    Morley Bad Horsie Wah
    2006 Gibson R0
    Steinberger GL2TA
    Ovation Elite 1868 w/ Gracie stand
    Roscoe custom superstrat
    Electra Westone (Pantera?)
    Mackie 24x4 console
    (2) Crown XLS402
    Crown XLS602
    Sunn SA21
    (2) dbx 231 EQ
    dbx 3-way crossover (forget the model)
    Assorted SM-57s and SM-58s
    Various PA and monitor cabinets & cables to hook it all up.

  6. How about the sound of Tom Scholz from the group Boston?

    The sound of his Les Paul through a Rockman module is simply fabulous in my humble opinion.

    Just listen to the songs Amanda, More than a Feeling

    Great Guitar tone!

    Certainly worthy of mention, though I don't think I'd put it ahead of Brian May or Eric Johnson.....I remember really enjoying the Rockman I had as a teenager, though!:thu:

  7. how do you manage to get into the position where you can open for a more or less famous band?

    Get to the point that you pack major clubs on your own as a headliner. Now talk with the owners of those major clubs about opening gigs. They will work a deal with the promoters, telling them that you will help draw a new audience to see the semi-major act. If the promoters like the pairing, you may be asked to open for the same act at more venues. Until you can add to the audience with your own draw, you probably won't get a shot at opening for a "major".

    FWIW, when I was still playing somewhat seriously I opened for Bad Company, Joan Jett, Jackyl, and a handful of others that I don't really remember.....

  8. on that note, porsche is planning on producing mostly automatic cars in the future and eventually just making stick shifts for those who grew up with a stick and think they are more fun. its still a better vehicle, and it will still sell few cars, but it doesnt have to be stick or "tube" for this analogy, to have the superior results.

    Porsche is moving away from their racing program, and their decision to move more automatics into the US reflects this. it also reflects that fact that they sell more SUVs than real high-performance cars.

    I think you would find that in a REAL high-performance environment (i.e., on a race track), a stick is not only much faster, it is a safety device. I wouldn't be caught dead trying to reach ten-tenths with an auto; the last thing you need is for the tranny to decide to change something when you are cornering at the absolute limit at 125 mph. The automatic also adds weight and reduces efficiency - neither of which is a good thing from a performance standpoint.

    Call me a luddite, but when I start a race, I have a standard transmission under my right hand (though it is a sequential-shift:thu:). When I go on stage, I have a tube amp (either Bogner or Marshall). In both cases, I might be able to get 95% as much from the "newer" technology. 95% isn't good enough for me.

  9. If you go purely by market, I'm willing to wager that digital and SS modeling amps outsell tube amps by far. They have sold more VYPYRs at Peavey than any other amp they ever launched.

    That's probably quite true. 15-watt practice amps also outsell high-end gig rigs by far, and $150 Squier Strats outsell serious instruments.

    Sales numbers are driven far more by price than quality.

    [The Ford Focus also outsells the Porsche Cayman. That doesn't make the Focus a better vehicle, nor does it mean that the Cayman is headed for extinction.]

    If you go strictly by sound, then tube amps still rule , for now.

    ..and for a long time to come.

  10. alot of people were saying that in Feb when the thread started, and i know plenty of them have since ditched their toobs for axe-fx's. thats why i was wondering what people are thinking now

    I've tried a bunch more SS/digital modellers since Februrary, and I am still convinced that nothing SS/digital can come close to the tone I get with my Bogner XTC.

    We're a heck of a long way away from obsoleting the really good all-tube amps.

  11. And, yes. Vinyl is making a comeback of sorts... However, the actual amount being sold is still practically microscopic.

    I think that the vinyl resurgence is really more nostalgic than anything else. However, there are a few benefits to analog sources vs. the current crop of digital.

    1) No copy protection, DRM, or other user-hostile actions.
    2) A quality analog source sounds better than almost any MP3 encode.
    3) There is no issue with audible artifacts caused by inadvertent bit-rate conversions.

  12. So I'm just curious how many of you use your amp's distortion vs. using a stomp box and the reason why. Any advantages/disadvantages to each?

    The reason I'm asking is that I've been contemplating moving away from using my DSL 50's red channel for my main distortion and switching to something like a Crunch Box. I've had the red channel modded, but it's still just meh.

    All amp. I don't even own a distortion pedal or rack unit.

    I play through a Bogner XTC, so I have clean, grit, and heavy channels, plus a level of extra added boost for each. Once it's dialed in, I don't need anything else. Plus, the natural tube overdrive in the amp sounds better than ANY stomp box I've tried.

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