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  1. Originally posted by ChitownTerror True, but there's no way I'm paying a scum-sucking collector 1k for a plastic guitar. I hate collectors. Those guitars should be played not hoarded. Didn't Jack White say the originals were big ole' pieces of {censored}?
  2. Originally posted by TimesOfGrace I really dig my XP-400, but that volume level knob is way too sensitive. I could never get the pedal to not distort the signal even running it through my effects loop I had the same problem. It does have some really cool reverb sounds though. I bought the Verbzilla to replace it and I haven't used the Reverberator ever since, but I still can't bring myself to sell it. I really want the Space Station one they made in that series. It has some awesome effects in it. Check out that mod.....$165 is a bit much, but better then the $350 you'd have to pay for a real XP-300. Really? I haven't had any problem........no clipping at all. It boosted my volume before it started getting funky. I'm not running any dirt boxes before it either. I have to assume gain would mess with the input, quiet a bit.
  3. Originally posted by J Bone no it doesn't but I heard you can do something where you get a 1/4 inch adapter or solder a 1/4 inch head to the end of a midi cable and plug it into the footswitch jack in the amp. Don't really understand completely I was hoping someone would know more or be able to elaborate That I wouldn't know about. My amp has MIDI built right in. I just press and hold the channel button, and my amp recognizes the GT-6, and remember which of the four channels it was on. Of course, if I wanted a dirty flange and a clean flange, I'd have to designate two separate patches in the GT-6.
  4. Originally posted by ChitownTerror This thread is not helping my Airline GAS. I just keep thinking about how much fun it'd be to play one of those Eastwood RIs and then I become sad again. Because I have no money. /tangent off I'm sure those Eastwoods are nice, but they aren't RI.......they are made of wood. No fancy plastic there.
  5. Yes you can use MIDI to change channels. I currently use the GT-6 to change the channels on my Rocktron Vendetta. Your marshall has MIDI?
  6. Originally posted by futbol1097 I did read that the tube actually works, just don't know how well... It was like 1 watt or something.....and something about not running at normal amp voltage or plate voltage.......something? I have no clue. I suppose it couldn't hurt to change it out with a JJ or Svetlana tubes. Cheap mod man.
  7. Originally posted by MorePaul Josh, FWIW - there seems to be a little cottage industry around swapping the FW in these things I've seen advertized "XP-1000"s which, by their description, appear to be XPs with the ability to switch between FW loads from the various pedals on power up (so you can powerup as an XP-300 or XP-400 or whatever) caveat, I have no experience with them Q : what does the pedal on the 400 control? Mix? input to the verb engine (a'la holiest grails?) decay time? other? or does it vary from patch to patch? That's pretty cool....... yeah, here it is..... http://guitargeek.com/chat/showthread.php?threadid=58360&perpage=15&pagenumber=1 From what I can tell, the pedal controls the mix. Forward is over-the-top reverb, back is basically bypass. On some of the reverse effects back is off....no sound. You can't adjust any parameters. There are a bunch of different types of reverb, plus within those groupings there are different decay times......... You can also set 6 user presets, so you aren't farting around. I figure I'll cock the pedal somewhere in the middle, so you can actually hear the guitar through the verb. and use the bypass when needed. One BIG mistake was to make them without a separate page down button. Right now it just has a page up button, or if you hold that button down it will scroll down through the patches.......which is a pain. I guess the 6 user presets are suppose to compensate for that? There is an input volume adjust knob on the back.......which seems to boost the hell out of my signal.
  8. I don't like the fact that I can't tweak any parameters on the verbs. I suppose that's why they have different patches.
  9. Originally posted by Barrey78 Cool, where? Jim Laabs Music in Stevens Point, WI.....I'm sure they'd be glad to ship it. It's NOS, I saw it two days ago. They don't actually have it on their website, but they do have a website. Phone # 1-800-657-5125
  10. Apparently, that's just for show. Just cram a NOS russet potato in there.
  11. Originally posted by Barrey78 I dig it for really over the top reverb, and that is pretty much all you are going to get out of it. It pretends to be versatile by having a lot of presets, but you are not going to get any subtle reverbs. With that said, it is one of my favorite pedals. It does have that annoying small knob preamp on it. If you can get a good deal on one I would get it. I thought you just roll the pedal back a little bit to get subtle reverbs? I paid $99 NOS. They have a XP-200 Modulator too for $99, but I don't really want that.
  12. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1474965
  13. I wouldn't worry about headroom. I have a '67 Bassman head, 50 watts. I can't turn it up past 2.5 I have turned it up just to see......it was very clean until 4.....and let me tell you........4 was {censored}ing loud. Past that, I got a really really nice saturated tone that can't be described with words.
  14. The Keeley rat is the only way to go......it's worth the extra cash. If anything find a cheapo rat and send it in yourself.
  15. Originally posted by CapnMarvel That's about 6 hours ahead of where I have to set a standard Rat to make it useable. I like the tone, but mine's pretty limited in terms of useful range. Man, what's with that? My clean isn't that bright or anything.
  16. I have a Keeley modded Rat.......I find it to be a bit harsh at time......I have to crank the tone knob back to 3 o clock almost.
  17. http://www.yousendit.com/download/YBYaJ4A6bWx5TA%3D%3D I used the DE7 in this rough recording, about half way through you'll hear it in the break down/bridge thing.....then during the solo part.
  18. I think Daniel Johns has lost his mind though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPv7qnEQaVs
  19. I think there's something fundamentally wrong with you people.
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