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  1. Originally Posted by A.P. Ryder How about a sleep apology. Oops. Sorry.
  2. Haha, I don't even remember typing that. Must have been sleep rage.
  3. Originally Posted by Pedaltones No need for Klons now that there are Bogners. Very True!
  4. Originally Posted by akapuli Lot of contradiction in your post. They just started to be available in the EU. I understand you're enthusiastic about the Bogner, I like his amps too, but maybe you need to chillax a bit and be just a bit more polite toward those who didn't want to spend 600 USD/EUR on an impulse buy. Maybe you should fuck off, bitch. I only hold issue with the people that haven't tried them in person, but are talking shit.
  5. I'm just repeating what I read over at TGP. I think 1200 made. no more production, until the klon guy can get his "production issues" figured out.
  6. Originally Posted by sleewell the mako dorado pedal will be pretty sweet too It'll blow you away.
  7. Originally Posted by Aaron SS If you stack it with something else it can easily get into metal territory. I personally use a treble booster, open b tuning, and go easy on the klones treble and it's absolutely massive. Give it try I was kidding about the metal thing......but yeah, it can give a higher gain pedal some clarity.
  8. Just read on TGP that production has ended for the first run. No more will be made until he can find another manufacturer, since he's having issues with the current manufacturer. How convenient.
  9. Looks like a VCR. Just goes to show you, since most say it sounds good.............
  10. Well, I came across a good deal on a used Arc Effects Klone, and thought I'd give it a shot. I'm a Aaron SS fan. Never even thought about a klon before this, nor do I really play music that requires a klon. I've avoided pretty much everything klon for a long time. Obviously, the pedal is nice. build always clean and pro looking. The tones are good too. As a clean boost or low gain boost, it's pretty cool. It kind of re-EQs your sound to have a little more presence in a mix. Not sure what that equates to....but it seems like a mid-range clarity. Just makes your tone a bit sweeter and fuller. I'll probably leave it on all the time to enhance my clean base tone. Not something I feel I NEED, but since I have it......why not. As a mid-gain to higher gain pedal, it can get pretty dry and boxy. For leads, it sounds great. mid-range focused grind......compressed but not squashed. For chords and stuff.....it sounds like a Fulldrive. At gig volume with my JTM, it sounds better......and into my Super Reverb, even better yet. Nice for lower gain rock, indie, alt country, etc..... I tried to play metal, but Overall, for what I paid..........it's a nice pedal. Can anyone explain the hype surrounding the original Klons? stock pic, but that's the color I got. Props to Aaron.....again.
  11. You coulda bought it, and flipped it for at least double what you paid. @ people that will pay that.
  12. who cares about the tube, if it sounds good.....use it.
  13. Damn. Bogner pedals are polarizing. Since when has it been wrong to buy a pedal, and give a review? Most reviews are glowing at first, no doubt. Unless you're a n00b, you take the honeymoon reviews lightly. The people that have them enjoy them, and are trying to tell everyone that they are in fact , good pedals. even if it is an initial review or a review after nearly a month. The people that don't have them say "ah, another dirt pedal on the market" or "these pedals are nothing new, and $300? lol". Why? $300 is nothing, when you think about all of the gear that people buy. You buy and flip 2 $150 pedals and that's okay, but 1 $300 pedal? NO WAY I've personally had the Red since the beginning of the month. I didn't even try before I bought. It went directly on my board, and I've played gigs with it as my main dirt. It may not be for everyone, nothing is, but it's perfect for me and sounds like no other pedals I've tried. I picked up the Blue as well, and it's equally impressive. Ended up returning it though. I will own that pedal again. Returned it because my current project works better with the Red. I'll just pick it up once I get some more cash again. I understand these pedals are carrying some hype, and since the klon, or getting burned in the past on some sort of forum hype pedal, seems to left some permanently jaded. It's too bad, that it's come to this. A pedal does something unique, and people crap all over it. I actually hope this prompts other amp makers to make true "amp-in-a-box" pedals that actually make your amp sound and feel like their amps. I know this exists.......amp in a box pedals......but I don't think any have done it as well as these bogner pedals. In the end, who gives a shit if you don't like the bogner pedals? I don't, but thanks for posting about it.
  14. Originally Posted by Bucksstudent Just your opinion, man. I don't care for the sound or hype of the Bogners. I'll stick to pedals under $200 dollars for my tone. The clips do not do these justice. Hard to describe, unless you've played through one. Yeah, a couple people on TGP really have a strong voice and hype them hard. Since I bought the Red as soon as it was released, and the blue soon after.....I can tell you that they're really nice, if that's what you're looking for. Truely amp like. They aren't perfect, but the sound and feel is unique.
  15. sounds good, and game changers are too different things.........damn, I hate that phrase.
  16. no love for the bogner pedals, lol? now there is.
  17. It was a forced comparison. re-read the thread. Price was brought up by other posters, and used as clear reason these were TGP material. I could careless about the sale price. I came here to make sure you guys give these a shot, since I think they're great.
  18. tough crowd. Just trying to utilize these gear forums for discussing gear.
  19. Originally Posted by murch33 Q) You know what sounds even better than a $300 dirt pedal into a $300 amp? A) A $600 amp. You'd be hard pressed to find a $600 amp that could do what the Bogner could do in a $300 clean channel.
  20. Originally Posted by iamthearm swallowed my inner douche long enough to watch this demo. not bad but not mind blowing, and the higher gain sound is really not my bag. The videos really aren't the best.........well, they're okay, but they don't convey what you hear and feel in person.
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