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  1. all you framus cobra users...what rack effects are you using in its parallel effects loops im looking at - Rocktron Xpression TC Electronics Gmajor any problems setting it up, noise/hiss?? i want delays and reverb...maybe compressors looking to buy it new in Australia...as im not having any luck finding intellifex and intelliverbs 2nd hand on ebay.com.au
  2. Bike chain links!!! theyre kinda like a figure 8...one side screw on the underneath ofh the pedal and the other onto the board.
  3. i had the Line 6 DL4 and loved it but i swapped to the DD20 due to me wanting a pedal board which could be powered by one adaptor. at first i didnt like it but now i do...wish boss would make a rackmount DD20...or one that can store more than 3 settings and a similiar layout to the DL4
  4. anyone done a comparision and can help me decide? amp is framus cobra so needs (line level + parellel loop) looking for delay,reverb,chorus,compressor and noise gate quality
  5. anyone have one of these? im wondering if i can disable all the distortion preamps on this and use this as just a dedicated FX rack for the fx loop in my framus cobra. it will have to be line level output as well anyone got any experience with this particularly for hte reverbs and delays
  6. i might pick up a B.Y.O.C (build your own clone) kit of the Ross Compressor Clone. hopefully i will like it
  7. yeah i wouldnt mind getting one...the framus clean channel is really really clean but its a bit dry and i feel it needs something...maybe reverb im a big fan of glassy/3d/bell/chime cleans...which is what my strat build with APS2 single coils is for when i finally finish it
  8. so this would be good for the framus clean channel and guitar with single coils? i play at bedroom levels which kinda sucks coz this amp sound better and better when you turn it up.
  9. hi, ive never used a compression pedal before...but i sorta know what its meant to do. how will it affect my sound (framus cobra) eg clean crunch and lead sounds?
  10. cool thanks. yeah ive been pondering this for ages. anyways heres mine. well...one that looks like mine...cept mines more beat up (paid $1300AUS for it) and i have Seymourduncan JB/Jazz pickups (Zebra and reverse zebra) and black pickup rings
  11. ive looked up the model number for my bolt on neck all black (with natural binding) 24 Fret PRS. Im pretty sure its a 1994 CE24...with alder body. because the finish is just plain black (no fancy flames/quilt) would it be safe to assume the whole body is made of alder? or would it have a maple cap as it has the natural binding...which is the same colour (or pretty close) to it as the maple neck? anyone?
  12. hey all, so im teaching one of my friends how to play guitar. showed him the open chords, the barre chords in relation to open position, the major scale, and a 12 bars blues shuffle. i want to be able to get him to play along to songs to get him used to chord changes. so far i have showed him - Semi charmed life - Third eye blind (3 Easy open chords) When i come around - Greenday (4 barre/power chords) Mr Jones - Counting crows (mix of barre and open chords) first 2 he hasnt had much trouble but in mr jones he has trouble going from Am to F Barre but he is getting there...not bad for the time he has been playing...he has been practising heaps from what i can tell. anyways...i need more suggestions on modern pop songs that basically "everyone knows" in the vein of the 3 i listed. reason i ask...is my student doesnt actually know what he wants to play but just wants me to show him songs he would have heard on the radio!!! thanks guys as im hopeless with pop songs...im learning them as i go so i can teach him haha
  13. Originally posted by lost soul if yer interested i have one for $75 shipped. its in great condition and works flawlessly.. not sure if i still have the original box though. unfortunately ill have to pass... im in Western Australia!
  14. i have on spare spot on my pedal board/power supply. must fill it...amp is framus cobra so far have a boss DD20 in the fx loop (with boss tuner in line out of dd20) and a boss ns2 in front of amp (with a digetech bad monkey in the ns2s loop) i want a reverb mainly for the clean channel so i was thinking of buying a digitech digiverb to go in the loop of the NS2 (before the bad monkey) im after the SRV lenny sound which i cant seem to get out of hte framus clean channel (dry) and i cant seem to dial in a good short delay/verb sound on the DD20. anyone got any comments on the digitech digiverb. im also looking at the line6 verbzilla but i dont want to spend more than i have to. cheers
  15. Originally posted by bubbamc119 Hungphat, I'm from perth too! Want to jam some time? I don't know any half decent guitarists around here and I need to play with other people. Anyway I'd get him started on eartraining. The tonic solfa system (movable doh solfege) has helped me immensely on guitar. a fellow perthian hows it going, how old are you where bouts are you sitiuated and what kinda music are you into?
  16. Originally posted by Terje Don't teach him stuff he can get out of a book (theory) unless he asks for it. Show him how things are done, physically, on the instrument. That's what I look for in a teacher. yep thats the plan...i told him im not gonna bore him with theory until he can physically play the guitar first...im sorta just explaining bits as i go and telling him to read up on stuff if he wants my main priority is to make it fun for him to want to learn more...then im going to melt his brain haha. i also made a dunce/retard cap and threatened him that he has to wear it if he cant tell me what notes or chords are when i test him haha.
  17. heya, im in aus too...perth/ i used to have a TSL100 and ran that with a Mode Four cab MF400A with a Kerry King MXR eq in the loop and that rig sounded very similiar to a 5150 II w/mesa oversized cab. id try to find a the 280w Mode four cab with the V30s thou. ive sold the TSL and got a framus cobra top now which doesnt like the modefour cab at all so i got the Dragon cab which sounds awesome but yeah the tolex is crap and the castors are crap too. havent had any issues with the input jacks.
  18. what are cowboy chords??? im not familiar with that term. and Gennation...thanks for the tip...thats what im aiming to do but needed someone to tell it to me in a structured way...otherwise ill be teaching him all over the place. thanks again muchly appreciated.
  19. ok so one of my colleagues has been bugging me to teach him guitar and has forced money into my hand to teach him. so far he has had 2 lessons with me. 1st lesson i gave him a piece of paper with notes on the fretboard and a chart with the basic open major and minor chords. also explained to him the basic major and minor bar chords. then i showed him some easy songs with all open chords and some with barre and open chords. 2nd Lesson he can do the chord shapes and sorta barres but his index finger isnt up to the strenght yet for barre chords (but he will get there) and has difficulty going from open to barre...but he shows potential. needs to memorise the chords...but i gave him a quick test on the notes on fretboard and he did quite well. decided to work on his right hand...as he asked about how to strum. went throu some 4/4 patterns with quarter notes and eight notes (ie down up down up and all the variations_) he doing well with that. i also gave him some chromatic scale exercise to get his left hand right hand co-ordination up. eg --1-2-3-4-- one e string ...then a,d,g,b,e and some variations ie --1-3-2-4-- etc ive never taught anyone before and its scary how quick this guy is learning. im thinking of introducing scales to him next lesson btu i remember when i was taking lessons years and years ago that practising scales are boring. any advice on what to teach? im thinking teaching him major scale, then minor, then hopefully getting him onto 12 bar blues by the 5 lesson. i also asked him what songs he wants to learn and says he doesnt care...but wants to learn songs that will get girls hahaha
  20. my framus cobra fx loop is line level...which snobs off stomp boxes and i thought i had to sell my beloved DD20 for rack gear... but now im lead to believe that i can change the DD20 so that it is line level. but which output mode is it??? MODE 1 - stereo output -20db (factory setting) MODE 2 - A:direct sound/ B Effect sound -20db MODE 3 - Stereo Output +4db MODE 4 - A:direct sound/ B:Effect sounnd +db and whats the diffrence between mode 1/3 and mode 2/4 cheers in advance
  21. cheers for all the respones guys... i may have to check out this screaming blues pedal.
  22. i owned the DL4 and sold it to get hte DD20...only becoz i wanted to have a pedal board which runs off ONE power supply...and the line6 was AC vs all my other DC pedals i miss my DL4...i just liked it better having all 3 fx available instead of having to scroll up and down with one pedal... m selling my DD20...going rackmount now for everything in the fx loop (damn cobra loop doesnt like pedals)
  23. i bought a bad monkey for my framus cobra to use as a clean boost. it is awesome. but...i also want to play some blues licks on the same amp... how is the boss blues driver pedal in comparision... do i need it or can the monkey do both for me. (only reason why im asking is i dont have my amp or my bad monkey at the momment to actually try it out) cheers
  24. i want to buy a tubescreamer to use as a clean boost for a tube amp BUT also as overdrive for a hybrid amp. which one out of the lot ibanez TS808 TS9 TS10 Maxon OD808 digitech Bad Monkey price isnt an issue... anyone can anyone explain to me their diffrences cheers
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