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  1. he only gave me 3 strings so i did the best i could...some downtuned mastodon! [video=youtube;LU7B9ZGe83k]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU7B9ZGe83k
  2. ive routed out a modified "vintage modified" for a customer who wanted a 2 circuits (a muff variant + boost...with switcheroo fx order switcher)
  3. http://soundcloud.com/anarchy-audio-australia/sentinel-pedal-dumride
  4. looks raggedy Its not my finest momment ( I dont use waterslide decals anymore... Nor hack intestinal tracts) purely for my buddy just for {censored}s n giggles. He actually gigs it thou so its kinda hilarious. Part 2 is coming....
  5. i found this to be a better use for my left over perspex...
  6. That Aussy guy who does Anarchy (I think that's the name) effects has. Looked neat. His username escapes me right now. i really should change my username (any of hte mods wanna help me out?) i made one with out of some spare perspex...its not the best photo but meh... i only did it on that because i was trying to salvage a pre drilled enclosure and i had ambition to cram a muff board in there...but with the jack and toggles locations already been done...the whole build was a PITA...with not being able to close the lid being the icing on the cake...hence the idea for using perspex to raise it 3mm (still had to cut out a middle section of the perpex!) otherwise IMO not really worth the effort...and to be totally honest,,,even with the plates you can buy...im not a fan...apart from looking cool in photos...its just a novelty + it just reminds me of those racerbois and their lights under their cars.
  7. Loobs...thanks for suggesting the RGA32...esp if i can find one in matte black luckily im not in a rush...and theres certainly no shortage of ibbys around.
  8. are you buying these used or new? I Have an ibanez RG that needs work that I would sell you for thuper cheap. if your willing to post to australia pm me pics/details/price etc
  9. So...im thinking about adding a dedicated metal/downtuned guitar (D standard/DropC ) as ive decided i refuse to downtune any of my other guitars (PRS,LP,Tele,Strat) Ive decided on a budget Ibanez...ive owned several metal guitars in the past and some really nice prestiges/seven strings...but after playing a few at a local store...Ive narrowed it down to these 2...both at $556 AUD new Anyone own/played one or care to comment/suggest which way i should lean? I cant decide...the longer scale lenght would benefit for even lower tuning should i be inclined to go that way (i do like some B tuning occasionally) and would be a scale lenght that i dont currenlty have... but i just love reverse headstocks and the traditional RG non carved look. Decisions decisions.... RGD421 Specifications
  10. A friend of mine had a red witch phaser for a while, it was pretty awesome sounding, expensive, but if you are way into phase that one kicks ass. I had one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAkJXzgdODg&list=UUeZbjHvrhNEsyBRLQuXudrg&index=60&feature=plcp Loved it esp the tremophase but was under utilising it and ended up prefering my big box 1979 small stone.
  11. I like both the small stone and mxr.flaws and all. Im really keen to check out the subdecqy quantum quasar when its available
  12. http://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/technology/apple-unveils-its-new-iphone-5/story-fn7bsj10-1226472883534
  13. so...many...gif possibilities! imagine if he started...crabcoring (is that the proper term) with that guitar... errmegerd!!!
  14. I need an Australian to record themselves reading a paragraph. It should take about 35-40 seconds. If your accent is mixed then i wouldn't be able to use it. Sorry, but thanks for the offer. Anyone else willing to help? im down with the manflu, but i can give it a go. pm me the details and where to send the file...
  15. true cause of tone suckage = user error and/or got no skillz/guitarded... money cant buy you timing or good phrasing...
  16. ^ never tried the metal muff. the only other multi knob high gain pedal i have had recently is the elements. thats nice too. how do they compare... both are top notch and can get you copius/various shades of KRAAAAANG/CHUGGAH
  17. to the OP....all vero builds are easy peasy. some are just more time consuming that others... any solder monkey can grab a verified layout and stick components into the right place. you may or may not learn anything thou. with regards to low part count builds... coloursound one knob fuzz is a nice easy build...same with boosters (AMZ,LPB1,SHO etc)
  18. Originally Posted by Pedaltones Can it be run at higher voltage? using a standard 9V...it internally bumps the voltage up to 18V.
  19. its impossible to capture how awesome this sounds in a room...but i tried my best... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NFeCEknK64 the pleasant surprise was (it slays on a clean channel as expected) it melts into my amps Gain channel (albiet my amp sounding like a nuclear reactor when not playing...but who cares!) for a fat endless sustaining lead tone!
  20. yeah he paid around $100AUD...the RRP here in AUS is around $150...ebay US price posted is around $80. bugger. got the pedal today. the thing SUCKS on an amps clean channel. the bypass tone suck is really noticable. its not too bad going into my JCA20 thats run crunchy (gain around half) output of the pedal still has to be cranked...and the gain around half. this thing is getting gutted. i hate side mounted power jacks so the plan is to re build a Dist +(i already have a DOD250) circuit with the output permanently set to max. then ill build a dual micro amp (2 of them out of the one chip ala tonepad) placing one pre and post. the pre will have a preset boost and ill put a toggle in place of where the power jack is to engage it...and the post will be permanantely on and have a control that will in the empty output position. now to try and make this all fit...
  21. i picked up a RI big box "Vintage" Rat for $40 the other day. havent even bothered to open it up to check the chip...frankly dont care...it sounds good.
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